How to explain mulled wine and gingerbread latte looks.

Hair Dye Pink
Credit: Edgardo Contreras/Getty Images

It’s very easy to get caught up in the newest hair color trends that pop up on Pinterest. It’s even easier to print out a picture and take it to your colorist. But sometimes, it’s not so easy for your hairstylist to decipher the possibly altered hair inspo that you see.

I asked hair color genius Jennifer Sarchet, from Spoke & Weal salon, to break down what you should be asking for exactly. Jennifer Sarchet has saved me from bad self-dye jobs and is always able to decipher exactly what I want (even when I’m not making sense). Now she can do the same for you.

You Want: Gingerbread Latte

With the winter season in full swing, we’re all getting ready to cozy up (hygge anyone?) and embrace the cold front with a warm drink in hand. Maybe that's why the gingerbread latte has become the inspiration for subtle, warm hair color.

What to ask for: To Sarchet's expert eye, gingerbread latte hair looks like allover caramel and honey highlights, with light gold added to the tips for that drippy, gilded effect. If you’re looking to try the trend, bring in pictures and ask for those specific shades.

You Want: Mulled Wine

In the past, we’ve seen ashier tones, like gray and white blonde, flood Pinterest boards. This year, it’s all about the warm and vibrant shades, like mulled wine. Good news: those hair hues are fit for almost anyone.

What to ask for: This red is deep and rich. Sarchet confirms that this color is a deeper red with violet undertones. To get the “mulled wine” effect, bring pictures and use Sarchet's wording to get the deep, rich shade you're after.

You Want: Rose Gold

Rose gold hair debuted a while ago, but it really caught popularity again during the fall. Maybe that's because unlike the other shades of the moment, with this one ou don’t have to over-commit to color.

What to ask for: Sarachet calls this color a dusty rose, and suggests you ask for a soft red-violet with gold highlights, so you get that red-but-not-red, pink-but-not-pink color of your dreams. Bring pictures and ask for allover color, or balayage (hand-painted highlights) for a fun but more subtle look.