Update: I just threw away all of my other shampoos and conditioners. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated September 06, 2018
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Credit: Hairstory

When my friend told me casually over a glass of wine that she officially gave up shampooing her hair, I nearly spit out my sip of Cabernet. “No, really, I haven’t used shampoo in months,” she insisted. I inspected her just-past-shoulder-length hair, which looked clean and fresh. “Have you heard of New Wash?” she continued. Clearly not.

A hybrid cleanser and conditioner in one, New Wash by Hairstory is an all-in-one product that promises to replace the stash of bottles that typically clutters up the ledge around your shower. And while two-in-one shampoo-conditioners have gotten a bad rap in the past, co-washing, or washing your hair with just conditioner, has been a growing trend over the past couple years. It's become so popular, in fact, that The New York Times has been writing about it for years, and now, here was my friend with fresh-looking hair promising me that it really worked. While I’d often heard this same friend complain about her fine hair and how it would start to look greasy immediately after her daily run, I had never heard her so happy with her tresses. But still, my skepticism was palpable. “Here, just try it,” she said, handing me a bottle of New Wash on my way out the door. Later, when I looked up the price ($40 per bottle!), I felt a little guilty for taking it—but after enjoying the hair transformation a few weeks later, I regret nothing.

Following my friend’s detailed instructions, I skipped shampoo and started using New Wash every time I showered. After wetting my hair, I smoothed the conditioner-like cream through to the ends. Then, I massaged my scalp vigorously—which my friend assured me was a crucial step not to be skipped. At the end of the shower, I used my hands like squeegees to remove the cream, then rinsed it out completely. I never would have thought a two-in-one would become my new favorite hair product, but after using it for one month, the results speak for themselves.

Instead of my hair getting frizzy and dry after showering, my locks felt conditioned and smooth, yet still clean. At first, I missed the lather of an ordinary shampoo, but when I felt my hair transforming and becoming more manageable once I eliminated harsh detergents from my hair routine, I knew I was a shampoo convert. I also noticed myself using less frizz control product each morning, and it dawned on me that my old shampoo was only adding to my frizz issues.

I’ll admit, at first $40 seemed like a lot to spend on one bottle of shampoo, but as I near the end of the bottle borrowed from my friend, it seems like a fair price to pay to love my hair every day. Rather than combat drying, damaging shampoos with moisturizing conditioners, I’m officially breaking my shampoo habit.

Update 9/6/18: I received a brand-new bottle of New Wash and dumped all of my shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks straight into the trash (don't worry, they were almost empty, so it wasn't too wasteful). Not only did a coworker stop me this morning to tell me how great my hair has been looking recently (thanks, New Wash!), but the ledge of my shower now looks so neat and minimalist with a single bottle sitting there. Both my hair routine and my product stash have been simplified.