This purple hair dye trend is so flattering you’re going to want to try it immediately. Trust.

By Hannah Norling
Updated March 06, 2018
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Mulberry Hair Color
Credit: @crystinamari and The Headloft

If you’re looking to step outside of your comfort zone but not too far out, mulberry (as we’re calling it) might be your next big hair color change. Whether you're going for a bright look-at-me purple or understated auburn, mulberry is yet another cool hair color trend we can most definitely get behind.

We’re obsessed with the bright, yet understated, look of the purple that’s pulled through the ends like a traditional brunette to blonde ombré. (The striking difference between darker roots and the soft violet maks us swoon.) Since lilac is supposedly the next millennial pink, why not try it on your tresses? Just like with any hair color trend, you can go as heavy or as light as you want with it.

For a mulberry wine effect, ask your hairstylist to add in touches of auburn for the deep sangria look that appears more mulberry in the sunlight. If you’re updating blonde, you’re going to see that brighter, out-of-the-box purple.

The one thing to keep in mind is purple, like any unique color, requires some upkeep. So, stock up on a color shampoo and conditioner to keep color from fading. Although mulberry isn’t something you see everyday, it’s a super flattering color that can be super subtle (especially if you’re going for ombré).

Make sure your hairstylist knows how bright you want it to look and remember, unique colors aren’t always achievable on the first try. Be patient and be kind to your hairstylist and you’ll have a head of mulberry hair in no time.