Thanks to Pinterest, the latest hair dye trend is the color of marshmallows.

By Hannah Norling
Updated February 08, 2018
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If you’ve been looking for the perfect combination of white, blonde, and gray hair, marshmallow hair color (as it’s known) is totally your thing. Pinterest hair colors like “Mulled Wine” and “Gingerbread Latte” even inspired an article about what to ask your hairstylist for. If we’re being fair, Marshmallow makes me think of pure white locks.

The trend although damaging to your hair, is white with pops of silver and blonde to give the color its dynamic color to mimic the fluffy movement. Similar to marshmallows. With more gray the hair can even appear a little spooky. Can we call white with a heavier gray highlight, spooky marshmallow hair?

The main thing to watch out for is damage. White blonde hair is hard to achieve and you shouldn’t expect to get it right on the first go. Stripping the hair of all its color takes many bleaching and toning appointments, so be patient. If you’re looking to take the plunge, get yourself a purple shampoo and deep conditioner stat. Tone to keep brassiness from happening and deep condition to keep your hair healthy. When it comes to upkeep, overall color requires more trips to the hair salon. So be prepared to become pretty close with your stylist.

Although fun, Pinterest hair trends require a little bit of explanation. Make sure you let your hair stylist know how white you want your hair so you can begin the process to full marshmallow status.