This Affordable Line of Hair Tools Is Launching on Amazon Today

Just in time for Prime Day, these hot tools are making their debut.

Prime day is officially upon us, and the exciting news doesn’t stop with the amazing deals being offered. KISS Products, Inc. is launching their new line, KISS Gold series, today exclusively on Amazon in celebration of the day of discounts. Everything in the line is in a gold or rose gold hue.

Even though using hot tools in the summer may sound like a recipe for excess frizz, these products are made with Anti-Frizz Ionic Technology to keep your mane smooth and shiny. The technology also protects the hair cuticle from damage, so you don’t have to worry about the hot tools wreaking havoc on your beloved strands.

Check out three products in the KISS Gold series line below.


Kiss Products Tourmaline Hairdryer Gold Edition

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Give your hairdryer an upgrade with this luxe tool. It’s made with tourmaline technology, which means it generates heat and negative ions to make hair shinier and less frizzy. The gorgeous colors also make it the perfect accent to any bathroom space.

To buy: $25;


Kiss Products Comb Straightener Gold Edition

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Take the hassle out of straightening your hair with this nifty straightening comb. It heats a large portion of hair all at once with 23 ceramic heating pieces for quick and easy styling. It’s especially perfect for those with short to mid-length hair, or those who just need to tame their bangs in the morning.

To buy: $13;


Kiss Products Ionic Smoothing Brush Gold Edition

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This easy-to-use brush is perfect for when you’ve pressed snooze a few too many times. For instantly smooth hair, run this brush through your mane. It releases ions to eliminate frizz and static while nourishing and detangling your ‘do. It also comes with batteries for portability, which means you can take it with you on your next trip.

To buy: $13;