If you love the Dancing with the Stars alum's new hair color idea, here's how you can copy her look.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated February 15, 2018
Julianne Hough at Emmys
Credit: J. Merritt/Getty Images

Julianne Hough is known for her platinum blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and spunky personality—but as of yesterday, one of those things no longer describes her. Hough shared a picture on her Instagram revealing a brand new red 'do with a caption stating that she's always felt more like a redhead. "I have never felt more like ME than I do right now," Hough wrote. "I have always felt like a red head my whole life, even to the point that I've thought that my future daughter would 100% be a red head!"

She said that she's been talking about making the switch for six years, but just now finally decided to go for it because she's "on this new journey, exploring and finding out who I truly am." Hough also shared that she got her color done by Amber at Nine Zero One salon in Los Angeles. For those that don't live in Los Angeles, we asked hairstylist Katelyn Bode from The Copper Comb Salon in Edmond, Oklahoma for the best advice if you're also considering going red.

RS: How do you know if red hair would look good on you?

KB: First, you'll want to assess your skin tone. People with red undertones might not want to go red, as it will draw out the redness in your skin even more. On the other hand, olive or really fair skin tones play really well with red. Light eyes also pair really well with red hair and it makes them pop even more.

RS: Does it require major upkeep?

KB: Red dye fades faster than any other color. And the lighter your hair naturally is, or was previously dyed, the faster it will fade and the more you'll have to get it touched it up.

RS: There are so many types of reds—are there any that are more flattering than others?

KB: Julianne's is more of an auburn, light red. It's more natural. Strawberry or auburn is more forgiving on people than going for straight fire engine red, so it's a good starting point for people who may want to try the look.