How 7 Women Found the Hair That Works for Them's complicated. But these seven women finally found their own styles—on their own terms. 


Michelle Gatton, 37

Photo by Ryan Pfluger

"I started with a half-buzzed cut two years ago, and I kept going with it because it made me feel tough and confident. I'm beginning to go gray, but it doesn't bother me. I'm working toward a silver-fox status."


Keisha Holness, 30

Photo by Ryan Pfluger

"I grew up in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, and was inspired by my mom's styles. Now I switch up my hair every few months. I think with hair, you should step out of the box. I take down my braids as soon as I get home, and I put them up every morning. My hair is fresh and funky—and it makes me extremely happy."


Cansu Bozic, 37

Photo by Ryan Pfluger

"I lost my hair when I was younger, and it grew back patchy, so I started wearing wigs. Whenever I get a new one, it takes a few wears for it to feel natural. I get a new one every three to four months. I love that I can just put it on and go."


Shannon O'Neill, 29

Photo by Ryan Pfluger

"When I was in school, I had to wear a uniform. My hair was the only way I could express myself, so I changed the color. It was what made me feel different. I wash it every three days with Tressa Watercolors Shampoo. I put 100 percent argan oil on the ends, then put it up into a scrunchie to create waves."


Darling Chuck, 31

Photo by Ryan Pfluger

"I dyed my hair gray when I turned 30, and it was as if a light switch went off. People told me I looked like an ethereal unicorn or Storm from X-Men—it's out of the ordinary. It makes me feel like the woman I'm supposed to be and helped me move into the next phase of my life."


Cleo Lamothe, 29

Photo by Ryan Pfluger

"I have a lot of hair, and I haven't always been comfortable with it. My hair is a symbol of fostered discipline: weekly touch-ups to groom the sides and retwisting my locs with my partner's help. I want to be an example to young girls. You should be able to present yourself however you want and still be successful."


Taylor Ballantyne, 26

Photo by Ryan Pfluger

"I think of my hair as an accessory—it's something that I can play with. I let my roots grow in because I like the contrast between the dark and the light. My hair has a mind of its own and cannot be tamed, so I just let it be. I shower and go."