6 Ways to Keep Your Bangs In Place

To keep them from separating, it's all about combating frizz and oil.

Deciding to get bangs is a big commitment. Whether you get choppy bangs, baby bangs, or traditional blunt bangs at the front of your forehead, they likely will require some styling to keep them looking put together and like you just walked out of the salon. Even when you've heat-styled and applied hair products to your hair, though, one all-too-common hair struggle when it comes to bangs is keeping them from separating.

Reasons Bangs Separate

According to Michelle Cleveland, a hairstylist, and owner of Hair Addict Salon, when bangs part in the middle, it can be for a few reasons.

The first is because you naturally have a cowlick at the hairline. "The second reason bangs separate in the middle is because they are not heavy enough," she says. "If you do not take the bang area as far back as it should be when creating it, then this area will be light and separate more easily," which is why she highly recommends going to a professional to cut and trim your bangs.

Another reason why bangs separate is that the hair is too soft and needs a bit more texture to keep them together. Luckily, keeping your bangs from separating isn't impossible. With the right styling tips, you can keep your bangs looking great. Here are expert tips on how to style your bangs to keep them from separating.

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Wash Your Face

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An often overlooked cause of why bangs keep separating throughout the day is due to the oils on the face, says Jennifer Korab, a hairstylist, and educator for Pureology. Before styling your bangs, make sure to take the time to do your skincare routine to remove any excess oils on your face that could be wreaking havoc on your hairstyle.

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Prep the Hair With Mousse

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Once your face is clean and prepped, Lovette Candice, a celebrity hairstylist, says to apply a mousse on your damp hair. "You have to start with the hair damp and put a small amount of mousse on the bangs before blow-drying it with a brush," she says.

This helps to control and train the hair to lay across the forehead before it sets when it's dry. She recommends the Joico Joi Whip Firm Hold Design Foam ($22.50, ulta.com) because it offers hold and a beautiful shine.

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Use the Right Brushes When Blow-drying

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To help bangs lay evenly across the forehead, it's best to use a large, round brush when blow-drying. "When bangs are still wet, blow-dry them with a round brush as this gives them extra volume and connects them," says Korab.

Another method comes from Real Simple's former editor-in-chief, Liz Vaccariello, who uses a flat brush before a round brush to brush the bangs to the left and then to the right while keeping the blow dryer on them. As someone who's had bangs (and a cowlick) all of her life, she says this is one of her tried-and-true tips.

After you've blow-dried them left to right, Candice recommends using a big round brush to blow-dry them upwards to give volume and lift. Then, blow-dry them downwards towards your face, so they don't end up too curled. Pro tip: Always make sure your bangs are damp when blowing drying because this will help shape them. "Even if you don't wash your hair, wet your hair and re-blow-dry," says Korab.

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Use the Right Hairspray

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As Cleveland previously mentioned, a soft and fine hair texture can cause the bangs to separate. She recommends adding a texturizing spray to help keep the bangs together. Frizzy hair can also cause bangs to separate, so if you're prone to frizz, reach for an anti-humidity spray, like the AG Hair Smooth Frizzproof Argan Anti-Humidity Finishing Spray ($30, ulta.com).

"Anti-frizz oil will be too heavy and greasy for the hair causing it to split," says Korab. "Instead, use the anti-humidity spray as a lighter option to prevent the frizz."

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Use a Dry Shampoo

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Prepping and styling your bangs at home is only part of the process. The next challenge is keeping them in place throughout the day. Both Candice and Korab agree that dry shampoo is the best way to maintain your bangs.

"When oils begin to build in the hair, it can cause splitting and give the bangs the middle part," says Korab. Try keeping a dry shampoo, like OUAI Super Dry Shampoo ($26, ulta.com), handy.

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Protect Your Bangs With a Baseball Cap

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Lastly, Vaccariello says one of her best tips is protecting the bangs from the weather by wearing a baseball cap. Heat, humidity, rain, and even a gust of wind can cause frizz, which causes separation.

To keep the bangs safe and protected, she says to swipe them to one side and tuck them underneath the seam of the brim of the cap. Then, when you're ready to take the hat off, run your fingers through the bangs to put them back in place.

With these tips, you'll be able to successfully keep your bangs in place all day long.

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