The Younger star has revealed the key to perfectly undone beach waves—and it’s so affordable.

By Anneke Knot
September 28, 2018
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Credit: Unite

Ever since her Lizzie McGuire days, Hilary Duff, the queen of easy, breezy beauty, has stolen are hearts. Her all-American smile and her signature blonde beachy waves charmed us from day one. Duff may have changed character roles since then—now starring as Kelsey Peters on the cult favorite Younger—but her signature laid back look has remained just as alluring. While we don't know all of her beauty secrets, we did figure out the key to her perfectly undone hair. 



Her secret? Unite Second Day Finishing Cream ($25, It adds texture to smooth, freshly washed hair, giving waves a perfectly imperfect tousled look.  

“You know when you wash your hair on the first day and it’s too slippery?" says Duff. "I like using UNITE SECOND Day Finishing Cream, this little paste-like product that gives my hair just enough grit so it’s not too soft.”  

There you have it. Rub a little of this cream in your palms and work through dry hair to add some personality and texture to otherwise fine or limp strands. 

With a price tag of only $25, the solution for (Hilary-approved) beach waves has never been easier.