I've Tried Tons of Hair Removal Products and Procedures—This One Beats Them All

Prepare to go bare with this convenient at-home wax kit.

Hair removal products: Flamingo shaving and wax kit review
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Let's talk about a not-so-glamorous topic that affects countless people: pesky, unwanted hairs. While it's natural to have facial and body hair (and some people don't mind it), many of us find stray or particularly dark hairs on our faces or bodies to be bothersome—and I'm one of those people.

I've been dealing with annoying little hairs for the better half of my life, and I've been open-minded to trying different forms of hair removal, shaving, and various hair removal products. When I was thirteen, I used to save up my allowance to get my lip waxed every month. By the time I was in college, I noticed a straggling black hair had emerged from my chin, which led me to try electrolysis. Then came my laser hair removal phase, which was extremely costly and time consuming—not to mention it didn't give me the results I had hoped for.

When it comes to hair removal products and procedures, I've truly tried them all. I've spent countless hours and way too much money on waxing, electrolysis, and laser hair removal with not much to show for it. And my experiences with products such as Nair, sugar wax, and expensive razors have all differed but been equally disappointing.

Now that I'm in my thirties, I've come to accept that my troublesome little hairs aren't permanently going anywhere. But I've found the perfect way to cope through monthly maintenance: Flamingo.

Flamingo Facial Wax Kit review

Flamingo Face Wax Kit, $10; shopflamingo.com.

I first discovered Flamingo on Instagram (how else do we find things these days?) and decided to give their wax kit a try. At first, I was admittedly nervous. While I've used at-home wax kits before, I wasn't sure how Flamingo's would work. Consider me a convert: Not only were they simple to use from the start, but they're also less painful than other options. Also, as someone whose skin gets red after a wax, I was pleased to learn that Flamingo's products didn't add additional irritation or any breakouts.

The best features of Flamingo wax strips are that they're pre-cut and don't need to be heated up. They also don't contain any fragrances or artificial colors, so no need to worry if you have sensitive skin like me. I truly believe it's the most effective at-home hair removal product out there. (It was for me, at least.) Flamingo's products are affordable (wax kits start at $10) and are beautiful enough to display in your bathroom. They offer both facial and body wax kits that come with a calming serum and post-wax cloths.

Not into waxing? No problem. Flamingo has a shave set for just $18, and it includes a high-quality razor, extra blades, shave gel, body lotion, shower hook, and a travel bag. A permanent solution to unwanted hairs might not be here yet, but at least temporary fixes are getting easier and more convenient to use.

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