Whether you shave, pluck, or wax, the goal is a smooth finish. We tested 21 products to find the best head-to-toe fuzz fighters.

By Anneke Knot
August 19, 2020
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courtesy of manufacturer
Courtesy of manufacturer


$180, amazon.com

This tool houses 40 little tweezers that move in a (pain-free!) blur to grip and remove hair. Results can last up to four weeks.

Courtesy of manufacturer


$10, target.com

Double-sided strips pull hair from the root; post-care cloths prevent ingrowns. Better yet, the kit requires no heat—just open and use.

Courtesy of manufacturer


$9 each, target.com

These color-coded razors give shaving a major upgrade. The three hues differentiate each type of shave: Coral contains a head infused with Olay body butter for a smooth swipe, teal offers extra lubrication for sensitive skin, and purple features a tiny comb that guides hair to the blade.

Courtesy of manufacturer


$24, amazon.com

When natural light hits and you spot a stray brow or chin barb, pull this baby from your purse. The tip is super precise.

Courtesy of manufacturer


$9, walmart.com

Wear for five minutes, then rinse for stubble-free skin. Bonus: It smells like honeydew.

Courtesy of manufacturer


$18, joeyhealy.com

This is a game changer for peach fuzz and a lady ’stache: Just hold skin taut and glide the blade.