This one purse-size gadget is the key to no more tangles.

By Betsy Goldberg
Updated March 08, 2017
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Pink Tangle Teezer

Getting a giant knot out of your kid’s hair is not an easy thing. It’s right up there with splinter removal. (Right?) You try tugging a little with the comb; there are yelps and tears. You spritz with detangler and tug again; more yelps and tears. You Google “how to get a rat’s nest out of your kid’s hair” and learn the trick is to start from the bottom and work your way up. But it’s tiring. And the kids have to do their homework. And it’s bedtime. So you give up (for now). And maybe you hide it inside a ponytail the next day. And sort of forget about it. And then, a few days later, you end up at the kids’ salon for haircut appointments and you’re pretty much mortified when you remember it’s there. So you apologetically point it out and then agree to the add-on “detangling fee” of an absurd amount—$12 (I know!)—and you immediately regret it when you see that all the stylist is doing is working away at the big clump with a bright pink brush that has no handle. In minutes that brush is gliding through the hair strands, all of them. The miracle worker: an $11 ergonomic tool called the Tangle Teezer.

The marketing description might sound a little overblown—“An innovative teeth configuration” guarantees effortless detangling—but the results are real. It works. I bought the brush on the spot and came into the Real Simple office raving about this “game changer” only to find that (of course) our beauty editors had become fans years ago. “I discovered the Tangle Teezer back when I was an intern and the company had just brought it over from England,” associate beauty editor Chelsea Burns said. “I have stick straight hair, ideal for creating terrible knots. I’ve always had to use some sort of leave-in conditioner or detangler after showering to be able to brush out my wet hair without hurting myself. But once I found the Tangle Teezer I no longer had to use any extra product because it gets out tangles on its own. My husband has even started using it!”

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