From natural landscapes to a glass of rose, this hairstylist can create a hair color to match just about anything.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated January 11, 2018
AleksandarNakic/Getty Images

Ursula Goff is a hairstylist based out of Kansas City, Kansas, who has become known for her unique technique for coloring hair. It would probably be more accurate to call her an artist rather than a hairstylist. Instead of the usual blonde or brown ombré, Goff's Instagram feed is full of her colorful creations that range from purple dipped ends to a rainbow. But what's been causing a lot of buzz most recently is her ability to match her hair color to a painting or image.

From wood chips (shown above) to a hot spring, to a sunflower, to Van Gogh's Starry Night painting, there seems to be no limits on where Goff is willing to take hair color. Goff told Allure, "colors and patterns are what pique my interest, especially unusual color combos or patterns you wouldn't normally think to put on hair."

So where does she get her inspiration from? "If I see something that is very visually pleasant, I automatically start working out how I could do it on hair. Sometimes the translation is very literal, like with the hair paintings I've done, but other times it's more conceptual and not completely obvious what the inspiration is," Goff explained to Allure.

She also explained that to get her more intricate looks she uses hair dye and paint brushes to paint directly onto the hair, just as you would paint on a canvas. "I use paintbrushes for details, and understanding color formulation is especially important. They can sometimes take a bit of planning," says Goff.

The lesson? Be open to finding inspiration everywhere! From your dinner plate to the art museum, it's hidden all around—don't limit yourself to just Pinterest. Follow Goff on Instagram for more inspiration.