This $5 Towel Makes My Hair Dry Twice as Fast

I was absolutely shocked at how much water it absorbed.

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Turbie Twist

Like most of us, my appearance has changed quite a bit over the years. I've gone from a reasonably average height to surprisingly tall, gained and lost weight, dealt with various skin maladies, pierced and tattooed myself against my parents' wishes, and acquired a few clumsiness-related scars along the way.

However, one thing that hasn't changed at all since I was a toddler? I have a lot of hair.

Sure, sometimes it's shorter than other times, but the volume and consistency of my hair has stayed almost exactly the same my entire life. As you can imagine, that means it takes a long time to blow dry. Typically, blow drying my currently shoulder-length hair can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, and much longer when it's grown past my shoulders (and don't even get me started on attempts to let it air-dry, which can take more than a day). That's a lot of time to spend with hot, dry air blowing at your hair, and I realized that if I didn't change something about my wash-and-dry routine, my mane would eventually get incredibly damaged.

As I was contemplating my options (read: destroying my hair or never washing it again), I suddenly remembered an As Seen on TV product I'd...seen on TV years prior: the Turbie Twist Microfiber Super-Absorbent Hair Towel. I remembered the infomercial specifically saying the towel cut dry time in half, and when I realized it was available to shop at Walmart—and for just $5—I decided to give it a try.

Turbie Twist The Original Microfiber Super-Absorbent Hair Towel

To buy: $5;

The towel is made from a soft, durable microfiber that's designed to absorb a maximum amount of moisture from your hair without causing breakage. It has a tapered design and ear loops to keep it secure when you step out of the shower and wrap your hair, and it actually feels lightweight. In other words, it's far more comfortable than having a big, bulky towel on your head while you're doing your makeup—and it dries your hair much, much faster.

To that last point: I'm not kidding. After using the Turbie Twist, my usual 30-to-45-minute dry time reduced to just about 10 minutes. I was so shocked by the results, I decided to test it again a few days later. That time, instead of toweling off my hair and then wrapping it, I wrapped it for about a minute and then let my wet hair down. Even without extended towel time, the Turbie Twist managed to absorb a ton of water, and I still managed to blow dry my hair in about 15 minutes.

If you have the same dry time issues that I do and want to protect your hair, I highly recommend checking out the Turbie Twist at Walmart. At just $5, it's the tiniest investment with a lot of bang for your buck—now, we just have to hope we'll have reasons to blow dry our hair and go out into the world again soon.

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