It’s the perfect companion to your Curly Girl Method routine.

By Tess Garcia
Updated March 13, 2020
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Whether you have loose waves or 4C curls, you’ve probably gone down the rabbit hole of online curly hair care tips at one point or another. I’ve been there—in fact, there are few things I enjoy more than hanging out on the couch and watching vloggers school me on the Curly Girl Method.

As empowering as the Internet’s curly community can be, it’s also pretty overwhelming. On social media, I’m constantly bombarded with recommendations of all the best curly hair products I’m told I need to try. But I—like most of us—don’t have an unlimited budget for hair care shopping, so I try to limit hair care purchases to products that are as affordable as they are effective.

Enter: Rizos Curls. The super affordable line, available at Walmart, became my holy-grail curly girl brand after I first used its Curl Defining Cream last fall. Filled with natural moisturizers like aloe, its light texture somehow offers more hold than any of my favorite salon-grade gels, leaving me with beautifully-shaped ringlets for days at a time. I apply it by working a dime-sized amount through my hair right after rinsing out my conditioner, which helps lock in as much moisture as possible. The result is a head full of the springiest, softest curls I’ve ever had the pleasure to call my own, and at $19 for a 10-ounce bottle, the product practically pays for itself.

As soon as I became hooked on the hydrating cream, I knew I had to give Rizos’ other products a whirl. Thankfully, I received the brand’s Hydrating Shampoo and Deep Conditioner as a Christmas gift (thanks mom!). Just when I thought my curls couldn’t get any better, the shampoo and conditioner combo upped the ante even more. Both are as lightweight as their curl cream counterpart and filled with similar ingredients. On top of the extra hydration, the shampoo has tangibly reduced the scalp buildup I’ve always struggled with, while the conditioner has made my strands even smoother. Though I have yet to try it out, Rizos also boasts a Refresh & Detangle Spray that’s said to fully replenish curls between wash days. When used together, these products can dramatically improve a curly girl’s look, and Rizos’ Instagram profile is full of transformations that prove it.

Believe it or not, each product from the Rizos Curls line clocks in at $20 or less at Walmart. Shop them now and start your journey toward a transformative, budget-friendly curly hair routine.

Rizos Curls Hydrating Shampoo

To buy: $17;

Rizos Curls Deep Conditioner

To buy: $20;

Rizos Curls Curl Defining Cream

To buy: $19;

Rizos Curls Refresh & Detangle Spray

To buy: $17;