A little extra volume goes a long way.

By Real Simple
Updated May 26, 2015
Pouf Micro Fiber Powder
Credit: Joyus

Is there such a thing as hair that’s too thick and luxurious looking? If so, we haven’t seen it. Even the thickest hair can thin over time, due to age, hormonal changes, and styling damage. That’s why the extra volume boost that comes from Lea Journo’s Pouf Micro Fiber Powder is so welcome. The secret to this fine-powder volumizer is silica, which absorbs your hair’s own natural oils and expands, creating more volume at the crown. Squeeze the bottle a few times at the roots, use your fingers to rub it in (this encourages the silica to plump up and blends the powder into all hair colors), then style your thicker-looking mane.

You can purchase the powder just below the video, or by visiting this link. Real Simple is an affiliate partner of Joyus.