Feel free to take this inspo straight to your stylist.

By Hana Hong
Updated October 01, 2020

A short style is a pretty intimidating one to request when you're sitting in the salon chair. But while rocking a pixie cut takes guts, the refreshing change is worth the plunge. In addition to looking effortlessly modern, the no-muss, no-fuss style means it will shave off precious minutes of maintenance in the morning. If you’re looking to spice your length up a little bit (or just give your current style a fresh fall update), we found some of the best cuts—from sweeping bangs to feminine fringe—that will convince you to go short, stat.

Short and spiky

According to hairstylist Katy Reeve, this ultra-close crop uses "square graduation to create the main shape and reverse graduation through the front hairline to give a soft perimeter." The result is devil-may-care spikes that are the epitome of casual-cool.

Tossed and tousled

Just because your hair is short doesn't mean you can't pull off stylish layers. This pixie translation of the shag features additional layers at the crown of the head for the illusion of volume. Bonus: It looks great a little messy so nobody will be the wiser if you want to forgo additional styling (read: bedhead is permitted). 

Faux hawk

Don’t overlook this androgynous cut—the closely cropped faux hawk marks the perfect balance between feminine and edgy. Ask your stylist to shave a bit on the sides and chop on top with the length increasing towards the quiff. After that, use a dollop of styling wax or gel for textured layers on top and slicked on the sides to create the needed shape. 


If you just can’t decide on the perfect length, consider this trendy cut the best of both worlds. These angled bangs sweep to the side and vary in length to create a more layered, youthful look. Long in front and on top and short and stacked in the back, it provides volume while framing the face.

Polished bangs

These blunt bags stretch all the way down to your eyebrows to accentuate the eyes. The straight cut is also the perfect opportunity to add some color to highlight the front layer, so use the opportunity to experiment with a trendy fall shade of your choice.