I Tried LolaVie, Jennifer Aniston's New Hair Care Line—Here's What I Thought

Spoiler alert: It’s gooood.

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Jennifer Aniston and 'good hair' have been synonymous for decades. Remember the mid-'90s when everyone and their mother asked their stylist for 'the Rachel'? Not only did she inspire several iconic looks during her time on Friends, the actress also went on to be the spokesperson for—and own a portion of—the hair care brand Living Proof (she parted ways with the company back in 2012).

Earlier this year, the A-lister started her own hair care brand, LolaVie, with the goal of combining clean, naturally derived ingredients and high-performing formulas. The brand launched with the Glossing Detangler ($25; lolavie.com). It touts what will be a common thread in all future products: LolaVie Bond Technology, a chia seed-based complex that helps to repair existing and prevent future damage. Also unique: Rather than using water, it relies on bamboo essence, a strengthening ingredient that also helps make the product much more sustainable. Other key attributes include a yeast extract that helps form a heat protective shield for the hair, and lemon extract and vegetable ceramides for smoothness and shine. (It bears mentioning that the formula is 99 percent naturally derived, vegan, cruelty-free, and contains no parabens, silicones, or sulfates.)

And now for the million dollar question—does the product work? In a word, yes. For context, my hair care regimen is insanely simple. My hair is long, but very thin and fine, and gets weighed down and greasy in a hurry if I use too many products. Most days all I do is shampoo, condition, and use some type of detangling spray; blow-drying is optional. Point being, I was excited to try this because it's exactly the type of product I gravitate towards. (And, ironically, my current favorite to date is a detangling spray from Living Proof, Aniston's prior venture.)

I loved the packaging from the get-go; the bottle has a chic and simple black and white design, a nod to Aniston's classic aesthetic. More importantly, it's not too bulky and easy to hold and spray. I'm a sucker for scent—I won't use something if it doesn't smell good, but I also don't love overpowering fragrances—and this hits just the right balance. It smells ever-so-slightly citrusy from the lemon, but otherwise just fresh and spa-like.

Per the directions, I spritzed it all over my clean and towel-dried hair, then brushed it through. I used it both before air-drying and before blow-drying. Both times, it definitely made it easier to comb through my tangle-prone hair, but I noticed more of a difference when using it pre-blow-dry. My hair felt softer and lighter, I had fewer flyaways, and it looked shiny and healthy overall. It was also nice knowing that I was getting that thermal protection, so I didn't have to worry about using an extra heat protectant when styling.

The latest addition to the brand is the Perfecting Leave-In ($29; lolavie.com). Like the Glossing Detangler, it too contains the plant-based bond technology and heat shield, plus a few other unique ingredients. Unlike the detangler, which is a spray, this is a lightweight cream that imparts lots of hydration; credit rose of jericho, another—you guessed it—plant-based ingredient that helps hydrate and smooth hair. It also relies on bamboo to help impart a little bit of hold—not as much as a hairspray or gel, but enough to help set a style in place.

It has the same sophisticated packaging and scent as the detangler, but is definitely a heavier product. While the cream is light, a little goes a long way, and it's only meant to be used from mid-lengths to ends; I only needed about a dime-size amount for my long hair. Again, I tried it both before air-drying my hair and blow-drying, since the directions read to apply on damp hair and style as usual. In the first instance, it definitely left my hair smoother, softer, and less frizzy, although also with a little bit of residue as it dried. But, as with the detangler, I found it to work much better as a prep step before blow-drying. It didn't weigh my hair down at all but did create a nice foundation for a bouncy blowout, thanks to that very subtle amount of hold.

FYI, the brand says that both products can be used together—the Glossing Detangler first, sprayed all over, and the Perfecting Leave-In after from mid-lengths to ends. But if I had to choose just one, the detangler gets my vote, simply because I tend to prefer lighter products that I can spritz on rather than cream ones I have to apply with my hands. (And, to be totally honest, I feel like there is a lot of overlap between their benefits and you could easily just stick to one.) Still, I'm thoroughly impressed with both and will be anxiously waiting to see what LolaVie launches next. I'm crossing my fingers for a shampoo and conditioner…

To shop: Glossing Detangler ($25; lolavie.com); Perfecting Leave-In ($29; lolavie.com).

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