Aura Friedman, a hairstylist at the Sally Hershberger Downtown salon, in New York City, shares her advice.
Susan Eng hair from above
Credit: Peter Hapak

1 Grow It Out

To make the process less awkward, cut hair short, then bleach or color-match the ends to the roots. Or ask your colorist for demipermanent lowlights, which will soften the color differentiation at the roots and won't create a line as it fades.

2 Keep It Bright

Gray hair can turn dingy from minerals present in your water. Once a week, use a violet-tinted product, like Davines Alchemic Shampoo Silver ($25.50,, which will tone down and neutralize any yellow or brassy hues. For a brightening bonus, opt for an in-salon treatment, like Redken Pre Art Treatment (prices vary, for salons), every 8 to 12 weeks to remove buildup.

3 Keep It Soft

Gray hair tends to be coarse, so use a hair oil. Pump into your palm and, starting at the ends of wet hair, work your way up to the roots. Try Johnathan Gale Replenish Hair Oil ($58,, which has avocado oil and spearmint essential oil.