There's no need to visit the salon in between cuts. These expert tips will make it easy to cut your own bangs at home (without messing up!). 

By Gina Way
June 09, 2017

You’ve heard this one before: Don’t try this at home—especially when it comes cutting your own hair. But when brow-skimming bangs turn into a full-on curtain over your eyes, something must be done. Now, we’re not advocating cutting bangs for the first time ever if you don’t have them. That is a job for a professional. “Once you have bangs initially cut by a pro, then you can maintain them yourself because the shape is there,” says hairstylist, and bang cutting guru, Mylo Carrion at the Rita Hazan Salon in NYC. “I recommend coming in for a bang trim every three weeks, but because many of my clients live outside Manhattan, I show them how to keep them up at home.” So if you can’t make it into the salon every few weeks for a trim, we give you permission to DIY.

Before starting, gather your supplies: You’re going to need a comb, a couple large hair clips, and a pair of sharp, pointed stainless steel scissors that are about 6.5 inches long. “The craft scissors that your kids cut paper with aren’t going to cut it, literally, and neither are tiny cuticles scissors,” says Carrion. (You can get a good, inexpensive pair online or at a drugstore.)

Give yourself 30 minutes for your mini haircut, so you can work calmly and carefully. “It’s never a good idea to trim your bangs in a rush right before you need to race out of the house,” says Carrion.

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