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The Goal: Thicker, Fuller Hair With Volume That Lasts

Step 1: To give hair body, rub a golf ball-size amount of volumizing mousse between your hands, then work it through towel-dried hair from roots to ends with your fingers. Predry hair on a high-speed and medium-heat setting until it feels just slightly damp. Then roll the top layers of your hair back onto three Velcro rollers and spritz the roots with a root-lifting spray, suggests Matrix celebrity stylist Enzo Angileri.

Step 2: Attach the concentrator nozzle to the dryer to help you direct the airflow and style your hair, then switch the dryer to a higher heat setting and a lower speed for the lower layers. Using a round ceramic brush, which holds heat, lift a section at the roots, give it a blast of heat, then roll the brush to the ends while keeping the focus of the dryer on the brush. Continue working on these lower layers until they're completely dry. Then work on the top layers. Focus the hot air of the dryer on the Velcro rollers for several seconds at a time.

Step 3: When the hair on the rollers feels dry to the touch, unroll them carefully and then dry the ends of the hair on a lowspeed setting, using your fingers to lift and style the hair into place. Rather than brushing your hair, gently tousle it with your fingers. Finally, give your hair a burst of cool air to set the shape and spritz it with a light hair spray, if needed.

RS picks: Pantene Hair Spray Fine Hair Style Touchable Volume ($4, target.com). Swells fine strands for a thicker appearance and gives height and hold. Velcro Classic Stylers ($5.50, amazon.com). These stay securely in hair without clips. Matrix Amplify Root Lifter ($16, ulta.com). This spray gives hair lift when it tends to go limp.