The 8 Best Products to Combat Hair Loss, According to Trichologists

Plus the ingredients you can use to speed up the hair growth process.

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It's true that dealing with hair loss can be a serious struggle, but thanks to modern medicine and new advancements in hair growth technology, there are many different types of hair growth products currently available to help you lengthen your locks.

When we talk about hair loss, it's important to note that there are many causes. "Hair loss is polygenic, meaning there are many factors that impact hair loss, such as genetics, diet, medication, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hairstyling habits, and illnesses," explains Bridgette Hill, a certified trichologist and founder of Root Cause Scalp Analysis. "In order to combat hair loss, you must address the body to impact the cells, blood, and tissue—hair loss is a direct function of a disconnect in the body, and getting it under control means making your health a priority. It is essential that the cause of the hair loss is identified."

A visit to a certified trichologist or dermatologist who specializes in hair and scalp can help you identify which type of hair loss you're experiencing, and then offer guidance to an action plan. Depending on which type of hair loss you're dealing with, your doctor will suggest hair products or supplements to help get your hair growing. "Products to manage hair loss are formulated with active ingredients that extend the growing phase of the hair cycle, forcing the hair follicle to generate energy and draw the nutrients to the scalp," explains Hill. "Therefore, extending the life of the hair fiber and improving the quality and health of the hair follicle and hair fiber."

Products that contain DHT blockers are also helpful. "DHT dihydrotestosterone is a scientifically proven androgen that triggers genetic hair loss," says Hill. "These types of ingredients can range from niacin, saw palmetto, vitamin D, tamarind seed extract, Brazilian ginseng, lemon balm extract, essential orange, and lavender oils. Certain fish and marine byproducts are also proven to successfully reduce hair loss."

When on the hunt for a hair loss product, there are some ingredients you'll want to avoid, like mineral oils or synthetic silicones. "Stay away from silicones, as they can clog the follicles if used directly on the scalp," explains Kerry Yates, a certified trichologist, beauty expert, and CEO of Colour Collective. "When used as a conditioner, they can weigh down fine, thin hair, making it appear oily and lifeless."

Additionally, harsh detergent shampoos can disrupt the microbiome of the scalp. "The fillers and ingredients that do not have the molecular makeup designed to nurture the horny layer of the scalp or nourish the microbiome create buildup on the scalp and the base of the hair follicle," explains Hill. "Rethink your detergent-based cleaning and opt for incorporating scalp washes or cleansers into your hair care regimen. The scalp needs more than lather, rinse, and repeat to achieve healthy hair growth."

So what can you use to treat hair loss? Below, you'll find a plethora of hair products to help hair growth, recommended by both Hill and Yates.

Best Hair Growth Products for Women

Philip Kingsley Tricho Therapy Tricho 7

hair-growth-products-Philip Kingsley Tricho Therapy Tricho 7 

"Created by the expert trichologist Philip Kingsley, this specialty blend contains all the essentials to re-energize tired follicles," says Yates.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Scalp Serum

hair-growth-products-Dr. Barbara Sturm Scalp Serum

This product contains key ingredients like hyaluronic acid and purslane, which provide intense hydration, addressing the effects of dryness while boosting overall scalp health and promoting naturally beautiful, shiny hair. "An ingredient obtained from the Indian Kino Tree acts as an intensive anti-aging treatment on the scalp, and a combination of ATP, algin, and papaya extract helps to restore the scalp's moisture balance," says Hill. "Panthenol supplies additional moisture, soothes irritated skin, and has a calming effect. Purslane also helps protect the skin against irritation and the damage wrought by free radicals."

Act + Acre Scalp Renew

hair-growth-products-Act-Acre Scalp Renew

"This is a salicylic acid-based pretreatment and cleanser to remove build up around the base of the follicle and peppermint oil to stimulate blood flow," explains Hill.

Evolis Professional Reverse Activator

hair-growth-products-Evolis Professional Reverse Activator

"This patented formula focuses on FGF5 inhibition and helps to supercharge your hair life cycle, fueling follicles pushing them from the resting phase into the growing phase," explains Yates.

Paul Labrecque Daily Conditioner Moisture Mud Instant Repair

hair-growth-products-Paul Labrecque Daily Conditioner Moisture Mud Instant Repair

"This is a clean, marine-based conditioner that nourishes the scalp's microbiome and is gentle enough to use daily," says Hill.

Sisley Hair Rituel Revitalizing Fortifying Serum

hair-growth-products0Sisley Hair Rituel Revitalizing Fortifying Serum

"Although this is an expensive product, the ingredient mix expertly supports follicle and scalp health," says Yates.

Sunday Riley Clean Rinse Clarifying Scalp Serum

hair-growth-products-Sunday Riley Clean Rinse Clarifying Scalp Serum

"I love this as it acts almost like a two-in-one, and a non-detergent based cleanser and topical for scalp," says Hill. "It is a great alternative for detergent-free cleaning days, with the added niacinamide, which also acts as a topical to promote hair growth."

Aveda Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair & Scalp Refresher

hair-growth-products-aveda rinseless refresh micellar hair and scalp refresher

"This is excellent for tightly coiled and curly hair to aid in keeping the scalp's microbiome balanced while adding moisture, anti-frizz, and anti-humidity polymers to the hair fiber, keeping the toils and curls highly defined and properly moisturized," explains Hill.

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