These 8 Hair Color Trends Will Instantly Freshen Up Your 2019 Look

From atomic blonde to cold brew brunette, these colors are totally on trend.

Top Hair Color Trends 2019: Margot Robbie
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Hair color is one of the greatest tools in beauty. Indeed, with the shifting of a few tones and highlights, you can change your look–and your whole outlook on life–in one shot. It's why we love playing with it so much: at any point, you almost feel like you could become a whole new person, or at the very least, a more enhanced version of yourself.

To find out the top new hair color trends for 2019 and help you make the most of any tweaks or major transformations, we turned to celebrity colorist Rachel Bodt of Red Door Salon and Spa in New York. Ahead, she shares the most in-demand hair color trends of the year.

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Solid Blonde

Solid Blonde: Julianne Hough
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The look: Bodt describes the trend among blondes like Julianne Hough and Margot Robbie as a nearly solid color. "There's little or minimal dimension. It's about this blonde without tons of visible separation from highlights. Uniform, bright, beautiful." It's also versatile: the blonde can go warmer or cooler to suit your skin tone.

How to get it: Your stylist can accomplish this look by softening the root and then applying the blonde color as hair painting or foils, and Bodt advises not leaving a lot of space between the color. "It almost looks like a single process because you get that minimal blonde-on-blonde dimension. It's going to look very modern and fresh and then still leaving the ends a bit brighter."

Maintenance schedule: It's not as high-maintenance as some other colors, but it does require regular upkeep. This is one of those hair color trends that requires an appointment about every eight weeks to maintain.

Home care regimen: In order to care for your investment, Bodt advises a treatment like Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 ($28; about once a week, along with an apple cider vinegar rinse to clarify the color, and a monthly purple-hued conditioner designed for blonde hair. Notice we said monthly here: this is where too much is actually not a good thing. "I like these products, but people tend to overuse them. Over-application of products with a blue or violet base means they actually start depositing blue and purple over the blonde color, which makes it muddy, darker and dim. Once or twice a month is more than enough."

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Brunette With Face-Framing Highlights

Brunette With Face-Framing Highlights: Jennifer Lopez
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The look: Jennifer Lopez and her "J Lo Glow" continues to inspire a slew of beauty trends, including this gorgeous set of face-framing highlights on a rich, brunette base. "This look gives you that focal face frame that's really nice and bright," explains Bodt.

How to get it: Painting highlights around the face should do the trick, and it's a super easy option for brunettes who want a little something new without a major commitment. "This is really nice as a brunette to go brighter without committing to something really solid," Bodt says.

Maintenance schedule: Depending on how fast your hair grows, it's not that bad: expect to touch up about every 8 to 12 weeks.

Home care regimen: – Keep hair long and strong with conditioning masks and weekly protein treatments. Bodt loves the idea of amping up the glow with a gold-flecked color conditioning mask like Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care in Golden Blond ($53; to help keep things bright and beautiful all over.

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Atomic Blonde: White and Bright

Atomic Blonde White and Bright: Tati Gabrielle
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The look: Bleach isn't going anywhere, but according to Bodt, the platinum trend has a new look and feel. "I feel like double processes are always on-trend, but we're doing a lot of classic, bright white double process now." This means super light, super bright, pure megawatt bleached white-blonde as seen on the stunning Tati Gabrielle.

How to get it: This look requires a process known as bleach-and-tone, which means that all color is removed from the hair so the desired color can be inserted into the hair shaft. It should only be attempted by a professional with a considerable amount of experience who can use the proper tools (like a protein bonder) to maintain the integrity of your hair. In other words, do not try this at home.

Maintenance required: With color this dramatic, maintenance is rigorous and you need to plan to be in the salon chair at least every four to six weeks. "The longer you wait, the more damage you can do," warns Bodt.

Home care regimen: Bodt says that not only should you be willing to commit to the salon visits but also find a true dedication to a delicate home care regimen that protects both the color and the health of your hair. "The home care with this kind of color is going to be crucial: no tight rubber bands, only loose scrunchies, silk pillowcases, Olaplex No. 3 twice a week, only using cowashes to clean the hair, etc." Bodt also recommends Hairstory New Wash ($40;, a gentle cleanser that cleans without stripping while it also conditions and detangles.

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Cold-Brew Brunette

Cold-Brew Brunettes: Kim Kardashian West
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The Look: Brunettes have decided it's time to lean into their deep hue, with some opting for a classic, solid shade that's rich and deep. "It's very chic, very Cher, and very cool," says Bodt. "I love how it's so saturated; very little —if any—dimension." Stars like Kim Kardashian West agree, rocking the rich shade on the red carpet.

Get the look: This is a solid shift in your base color, so if you're already a brunette, it could be easier than other hair color techniques.

Maintenance schedule: Bodt says caring for this hair color trend is pretty easy, "you just need to come in about every six weeks or so for a gloss to refresh the hue."

Home care regimen: Again, protect your investment with sulfate-free shampoo and color conditioners, but this time Bodt adds a hair care must-have: a heat protectant. "With dark hair, sometimes heat styling can actually lighten hair, so if you want the hair color to keep its impact, always use heat protection." She's partial to Kerastase Nectar Thermique Leave-In Conditioner ($37;

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Cool, Soft Red

Cool, Soft Reds: Madelaine Petsch
C Flanigan/FilmMagic

The Look: Even red hair is starting to see a bit of a shift in 2019 to a more lived-in version of the hue that whispers more than it shouts, as seen on Madelaine Petsch. "I like to call these colors my 'beige redheads,'" enthuses Bodt. "Redheads are very hot at the moment and this variation has this soft, faded tone to it. It's a really nice, modern, sexy way to wear red."

Get the Look: Bodt says a change in your base color paired with hair painting gives this stunning red a more lived-in vibe.

Maintenance schedule: Bodt says to book a touch-up every 8 to 10 weeks to keep the color soft and fresh. Even though the hue isn't as vibrant, red is the fastest hair color to fade, so you'll want to stay on top of the maintenance.

Home care regimen: In addition to weekly hair masks, sulfate-free cleansers, and color conditioners to maintain the vibrancy, Bodt also recommends a shower filter to prevent mineral deposits from attaching to your strands and ruining your color investment. The T3 Source Shower Filter Showerhead ($150; is a great option.

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Fairytale Golden Blonde

Fairytale Golden Blonde : Sophie Turner
Vera Anderson/WireImage

The Look: This look is right off the pages of your favorite storybook (as seen on Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner) and Bodt says colorists know how to deliver a true happily-ever-after when it comes to golden blondes with warmed-up roots, paired with lighter ends. "These golden blondes are a great way to change your hair tone without committing to something overly warm because it has no copper–it's yellow gold," explains Bodt.

How to get it: Bodt says depending on your current base color, this could be a rather easy transition. "You could start this as a root shadow, warming up the roots a bit and then leaving the ends light and bright." But if you're currently a brunette, expect this to be a change in your base paired with highlights.

Maintenance schedule: Again, depending on how dramatic the transition (it's less if you're already in this color family, more if it requires you to go from red or brown to this stunning hue). For current blondes, maintenance is more about a monthly gloss treatment and a six-week upkeep request for more dramatic changes.

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Silvery Gray

Gray Hair Color: Diane Keaton

The look: Whether it's a fantasy hue or you're embracing your natural silver tones, gray is here to stay. "Regardless of how it's achieved, I'm all about it," confirms Bodt.

Get the look: It's a bleach-and-tone process if you're not leaning toward silver status naturally, but if you're already heading in that direction, talk to your colorist about what it might take to go ahead and take the plunge.

Maintenance schedule: Again, if it's not your natural hair color, you're looking at monthly treatments to keep the color nice and saturated, but natural gray hair requires less maintenance: gloss treatments and regular conditioning to keep it nice and soft.

Home care regimen: If it's naturally gray, be mindful that your hair is a bit coarser and more open, so you'll want to maintain the clarity of your color. Bodt recommends an apple cider vinegar rinse and/or clarifying shampoo once a month, and then a purple mask for 5 to 10 minutes "to make the white really nice and poppy." If you're bleaching, Bodt recommends the following: "Don't shampoo for four days after service so your cuticle can shut down, then use cowash to protect the color, it can get washed out really easily." Vernon Francois CoWash Shampoo ($28; is a nice option.

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Coral Pink

Coral Pink: Winnie Harlow
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The look: Fantasy colors are here to stay, but this year we're shifting from pastels and "mermaid colors" to all things coral and pink, as seen on model Winnie Harlow. "We've seen pastels for so long that I think we're in the mood for something a little different. I think we'll see a lot of coral hair color this summer and throughout the year," says Bodt.

How to get it: Like the bright white blonde, this is a bleach-and-tone process so it's best to leave this to the professionals, regardless of which fantasy shade you choose.

Maintenance required: Fantasy colors tend to fade more quickly than others, so this is where you'll have to clear your schedule if you want the color to remain bold and beautiful. Bodt suggests a monthly refresh "because the hair under it is so white."

Home care regimen: Since these colors do fade so quickly, you'll want to shampoo less (again, Bodt recommends cowashing instead of shampoo) and use products that not only condition but help maintain the color between appointments, like Overtone Vibrant Pink Daily Conditioner ($18; Just be sure to shade match the exact product with your stylist.

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