Make sure you're making a habit of these easy tips.

By Hallie Gould
Updated September 04, 2015
Long red hair and brush
Credit: Brian Hagiwara/Getty Images

This article originally appeared on MIMI.

It's about to be fall, people. That means all the beach-hopping, salt spray spritzes, and pool dips will come back to bite you in the you-know-what. The summer months put a strain on the health of your hair, but you can do a few things now that will halt the damage. That way, you'll be free and clear come September.

To help you manage, we've asked David Mallett, top Parisian-based hair stylist and the man behind the tresses of Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman, and Naomi Campbell, to share his tricks.

1. Leave your hair down when you're going to bed.
The bands leave an elastic mark, which is aggressive and brutal on the hair. If you're going to sleep with your hair tied at night, use a loose plait that leaves an even mark.

2. Wash your hands after a spray tan.
When you apply tanner to your face and rub your hands through your hair, you get this orange-y golden green tint around your hairline.

3. Staying at the beach all day? Put a hair mask on.
It takes about 30 seconds, and it'll save your hair. Tie it back, put some cream in it. Go play!

4. Take precaution when you're at the pool.
Use protective products to avoid chlorine damage in your locks. Salt water can do wonders to your hair; chlorine will never do any good for your hair, ever.

5. Hair cream is your best friend.
Most of the damage done to your hair after the beach is manual — hands running through salt-dried or chlorine-dried hair breaks the ends. I always recommend using cream in your hair, which avoids breakage.

Let it be.
The trendy hair right now is simple and not overly constructed. Very cool, easy, ready-to-wear hair. Not overly cleaned or straightened or structured, but natural. Take advantage of that!

7. Clean your roots.
Use a dry shampoo and make sure to brush the roots afterwards — visible dry shampoo will look like dandruff.

8. Tie it up.
Opt for a tidy ponytail or a tight bun. Use hairspray and simply brush your hair back. It looks chic and simple and is easy to do on a bad hair day.