And it's not just because celebrities are doing it.


You might think that making a big chop would be more popular when the weather warms up, but celebs are doing the opposite and taking off inches for fall. From Jenna Dewan Tatum’s sleek lob to Emily Ratajkowski’s retro bob, celebs can’t stay away from the scissors. We asked hairstylist Katelyn Bode of Diva salon in Oklahoma City why you should go short for fall and the just-right length to ask for.

“The summer tends to leave your ends damaged and dry thanks to all the extra time spent in the sun and salt or chlorine water,” explains Bode. “Chopping off the damage is a lot easier than trying to repair it with products. Plus, it’s fun to start fresh for the new season.” Bode also notes that long hair can be annoying to wear with sweaters and turtlenecks. “My clients with long hair always complain about how their hair gets tangled and matted at the nape of their neck when wearing sweaters, so chopping it off is an easy way to solve that problem as well.”

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Bode suggests having your stylist make the cut right above your shoulders. “If you cut it right at your collarbone it’s going to sit on your shoulders and your ends will want to flip out,” explains Bode. She also adds that staying in between your chin and shoulders is a safe bet because “as you get closer to the chin it’s not always flattering on everyone and can take more time and effort to style.” Not only does the look solve the hair dilemmas mentioned above, it’s also a very sophisticated look. And one benefit everyone will love: It means a lot less time in front of the dryer!