Experts Predict the Top 12 Hair Color Trends for Fall 2022

The temperature's dropping. Know what else is going to be cool? Your new hair color, baby.

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As colder temperatures are just around the corner, low-maintenance shades are starting to take center stage again. That said, giving yourself a nice autumnal refresh via a completely new or slightly updated hair color is one way to add a sense of lightness to your world. Besides, low-maintenance doesn't mean boring, and for fall hair colors, there are more adventurous options you can DIY at home (just make sure to read up on our guide to coloring your hair at home first).

Long story short, whether you want a bold refresh or a subtle tweak, there are tons of stunning variations you can experiment with this fall. If you're seeking a little inspiration, consider taking your cue from these eight colors that experts predict will take the lead this season.

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Copper Hair

Copper hair can be the perfect option for autumn, with its shades echoing the hues of orange sunsets and that perfect lighting of golden hour. "The copper hair trend exploded after Kendall Jenner's Prada autumn/winter 2022 show appearance and generated 123 million views on TikTok," says the experts at Hey Discount. "Even though it's a brighter hue, it can be tailored and made to work for any skin tone and undertone."

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Soft Strawberry Blonde

That #SoftLife trend we're seeing all over social media? Well, consider this look the perfect rose gold complement to a beautifully soft-inspired life. It's just warm enough to work well with a variety of skin tones, but strays away from any hints of brass. "To recreate this look, ask your stylist to create a strawberry blonde tone that borders on a deep pastel," says Brittany Johnson, licensed hairstylist and senior content manager for Mayvenn.

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Low-Maintenance Shadow Root

The best part about this trend is that it looks high-effort and is low-maintenance, all at the same time. "Ask your stylist to create a blended shadow root that melts into the mid-length and ends with a shade of your choice," says Johnson.

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Caramel Blonde

This shade is perfect for those who love a warmer, more muted blonde tone, but don't want to venture into brunette territory. Johnson recommends asking your stylist to tone your strands with a warm to neutral level 8 blonde for this look.

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Chunky, Caramel Highlights

You don't have to get rid of warmth simply because the seasons are changing. Embrace it with a honeyed caramel bronde, and adjust the lightness or darkness of the highlights according to your natural hair color. "Caramel highlights work for all skin tones and are a great way to brighten up the complexion," says Guy Tang, celebrity hairstylist and creator of Guy Tang Mydentity. "Plus, a chunky balayage is a great way to change up your look without having to revisit the salon every few weeks."

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Mahogany Merlot

A mahogany merlot is right in line with autumn hues, making it the perfect complement to foliage, sweaters, and boots. "Mahogany merlot will be a hot trend for this fall," predicts Laura Gibson, professional colorist and RUSK Artistic Director. "It's perfect for anyone looking to see more tonality and warmth on darker base colors." Tang adds that reddish hues are a great fall option for olive skin tones because the contrast enhances the rich color.

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Soft Cinnamon Copper

Brighter than auburn hair but more wearable than red, this rich color features a warm base of yellow gold and orange shades that suits practically every skin tone. "Soft cinnamon copper will be the perfect color this fall for fair skin tones with green eyes," notes Gibson. "The warm tones really make green eyes pop whilst the copper will bring a bit more color to the skin, defining facial features."

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Bronde Blends

For existing brunettes, this is arguably the ultimate low-maintenance fall hair color. "Bronde blends are a great option for anyone looking to add some dimension and movement into their brunette mane," says Gibson. "You can ask your stylist for a bronde balayage to achieve this look. To maintain the color at home, it's important to use a color-depositing conditioner to keep the integrity of the hue."

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Dark Chocolate

While summer months often see lighter colors, autumn is the best time to experiment with deeper tones. "Dark chocolate will be the perfect shade for brunettes with medium-dark skin tones this fall," says Gibson. "There's something extremely sexy and exotic about shiny, deep chocolate brunettes. Make sure to ask your stylist for a dark chocolate gloss to enhance shine on this deep color." You can also maintain richness with an at-home gloss or toner.

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Mauve Brown

If you want to add a bit more light and dimension to a dark, solid shade, ask your stylist to inject some mauve highlights. "Brunettes tend to have a difficult time switching up their look. This mauve mushroom color by #mydentifier Kim Pham is a great way to level up brunette hair without straying too far from your natural color," says Tang.

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Dusty Rose

Consider this hazy rose the moody, sexy version of the bright summer pink we've been seeing everywhere. Although you can go with a single process all over, for platinum blondes looking to have a little more fun, Gibson recommends trying a dusty rose shadow root.

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Mushroom Tones

Mushroom tones are a perennial fall classic, and it's not hard to see why. This multi-dimensional shade gives off the same earthy-neutral brown as a Portobello mushroom, hence the name. "It keeps the hair healthy versus over-lightening, which can result in more damage," adds Gibson. To achieve this look, start with an ashy brown base and add dimension with beige blonde lowlights.

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