I never let myself run out of it.

By Madison Alcedo
Updated January 08, 2020
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Raise your hand if you’re curly-haired and have forever been on the hunt for products that reshape natural curls and tame frizz like a boss. I’ve finally learned to love and embrace my waves and hair texture after years of completely straightening out my curls with a flat iron every day, but it’s since been a struggle trying to find the best products to use.

If you’re curly like me, you may have tried out the cult-favorite Curly Hair Method that was developed by fellow curly-haired woman and author Loraine Massey (she wrote 1994’s Curly Girl: The Handbook and updated it in 2011). The method was created to help people with curly hair start from scratch with their hair care routine in order to find their hair’s real texture and increase its natural waves and curls. Because it’s said to be so successful, there are now dozens of Facebook groups dedicated to the practice.

Massey also co-founded the New York City-based Devachan salon in 1994, which led to the creation of her hair care line, DevaCurl, in 2002. Because the Curly Hair Method doesn’t involve shampoo, DevaCurl’s first product was No-Poo, a zero-lather conditioning cleanser. While Massey sold off DevaCurl in 2017, it’s still loved by devout Curly Hair Method followers. It’s one of my favorite lines of hair care products, too; I swear it has made my curls better than ever.

I’ve tried the full DevaCurl system, and one of my favorite products is the brand’s Supercream Coconut Curl Styler. Even if I’m out of the rest of my DevaCurl products, I’ll use the Curl Styler with other shampoo and conditioner, and it still helps shape my curls exactly how I want: full, free of frizz, and actually curly, not just wavy. It’s one of those products I consistently stock because I’ve ditched styling tools and air-dry my hair, so having some sort of curl styler to scrunch in my hair after towel-drying is a must.

Devacurl Supercream Coconut Curl Styler

Credit: Walmart

To buy: $19 (was $29); walmart.com.

Not only have I noticed that this styling cream helps recreate my hair’s natural curl pattern and reduce frizz throughout the day, but the formula doesn’t include any sulfates, parabens, or silicone, which are major Curly Girl Method “don’t” ingredients for your hair. Even if you’re not ready to ditch your favorite hair products and try out the full method just yet, this styling cream is a great start if your curls need a fast fix.