One expert debunks the myth. 

By Alyssa Clough
Updated July 23, 2015
Woman ringing out her wet hair
Credit: Craig Cutler

This article originally appeared on MIMI.

Growing up I was told—over and over again—never to use a brush on my wet hair. "Preventing hair breakage" meant nothing to my 5-year-old self, but that didn't stop me from sticking to a wide tooth comb for the rest of my young life. Flash-forward to current day where brushes claiming they are safe for wet hair are abundant, which begs me to ask, is it really okay to brush your hair when wet?

I chatted with Anne Maza, co-owner of hairbrush brand Olivia Garden, to see if detangling brushes are friends—or foe.

For starters, it's key to understand why we're taught to avoid brushes and the importance of bristles.

"When the hair is wet, it is at its most delicate state, and therefore it should be detangled with the right type of bristles, "says Maza. "The bristle should be firm enough to work on the tangles, but not so firm that it damages the hair when you are detangling."

Well, that explains that. Maza went on to rock my hair care foundation to the core, saying she would actually recommend a brush over a comb because of the cushioning, adding, "It will also detangle better and faster than a comb. A comb doesn't have any flexibility in its bristles."

Mind = blown. While combs certainly aren't bad for hair, I guess it's cool to have options. Here at MIMI, we're huge fans of the The Wet Brush ($9,, The Original Tangle Teezer ($17,, and of course, Olivia Garden's Divine Wet Detangler ($20,