This New Lightweight Texture Spray Gives Me Beach Waves Without Any Hot Tools

It’s not formulated with salt, either, so it doesn’t leave hair feeling crunchy and stiff. 

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briogeo's new Superfoods Banana + Coconut Soft Wave Texture Spray

There are a few things in life that I'm a little embarrassed to say I still don't know how to do at the age of 25: How to light a regular spark wheel lighter, change a tire, and nail perfect winged eyeliner. Most of them stem from a lack of need (I use matches, don't drive, and winged eyeliner looks don't suit my eye shape), but if there's one skill I really ought to have learned by this point, it's how to properly curl my hair with a curling iron.

I've managed to squirm my way out of learning it over the years thanks to some nifty hair hacks that give me the soft waves I prefer (like sleeping in a braid), but the truth is, I'm so clueless around a curling iron and other heating tools, that recently at my friend's wedding I had to ask a fellow bridesmaid to do my hair for me. To be frank, I don't really think I'll ever feel the urge to truly master using a curling iron. After all, plenty of products that don't require the risk of burning my scalp can achieve the same natural beachy waves that I love—like Briogeo's new Superfoods Banana + Coconut Soft Wave Texture Spray.

briogeo's new Superfoods Banana + Coconut Soft Wave Texture Spray

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Of course I understand that the point using a curling iron is to have defined curls that hold up for hours, but as someone who'd rather prioritize the softness and health of my already brittle and split end-prone hair instead of regularly torching it with heat, I'm more than content with the light waves that things like Briogeo's new spray can give me. Briogeo's hair care line caught my attention years ago, and I was fully converted into a fan thanks to its famous Scalp Revival charcoal shampoo. Its newest spray—which I've been testing out after the brand sent a sample my way—is just as good as the rest of this customer-favorite brand.

The best thing about the Superfoods Texture Spray is that it requires no heat activation, so you can use it on the go or anytime throughout the day when you want a simple touch up. I typically wash my hair at night, so I'll usually use the wave spray when I wake up in the morning on my dry hair. I would spray it throughout my hair (making sure to get the back as well), then twist it with my fingers or scrunch a bunch of hair into my fist, hold it for a few seconds, and then let it air dry. It doesn't feel sticky or weighty on my strands, and I barely feel like I have any product on at all. In the image below, you can see how the spray gave my straight hair more texture and waves, versus how my hair looks without any product in.

briogeo's new Superfoods Banana + Coconut Soft Wave Texture Spray
Nina Huang

The spray's lightweight and soothing formula is a particular highlight. To make it, Briogeo's founder Nancy Twine explained in an interview that she wanted to use something not as drying as salt (an ingredient traditionally used in beachy wave sprays), and instead turned to coconut sugar for creating the tousled hair look. The result is that your hair won't be as crunchy or as rough as you'd typically find after spraying it down with salt sprays, nor will it feel dehydrated on summer days when the sun is already baking your hair.

Although it was just launched on May 24th, the wave spray has already garnered rave reviews from shoppers, too. Reviewers at Sephora love how weightless it is, and how it makes achieving the natural wavy look so effortless. Others who still use heating tools say it's a great spray to add on after curling your hair. "This one was truly a game-changer," wrote a shopper.

Briogeo's new wave spray has been my go-to over the past few weeks as a quick and easy method to accomplish wavy, beachy hair, and it's going to be my must-have for hairstyle touch-ups this season. Shop it now exclusively at Sephora or Briogeo for $25.

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