My Mom and I Have Totally Different Hair Types, but This Plant-Based Brand Gave Us Both Our Best Curls

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Mother-Daughter Hair Product Review

My mom and I share many things—secrets, a phone plan, genetics—but our hair type is an exception. Her bright red curls are tightly wound, voluminous, and prone to frizz. Diluted with the phenotype for my dad's straight black strands, I was given a head of loose brown ringlets that tend to fall flat. In recent years, though, we've put our differences aside and embarked on a curly hair journey together. Along the way, a few brands have worked wonders for both of us, and Bouclème is one of them.

We were motivated to try the UK-based brand when we learned it was inspired by a mother and daughter's bond. "My oldest daughter came home from school one day and said she hated her hair. I was like, 'I don't want you to have the same story as me,'" says founder and CEO Michele Scott-Lynch. Thus, Bouclème was born in 2014. "[That moment] was a great catalyst for me to change that for her and other young girls and boys."

My mom and I have used Bouclème's plant-based line for more than a month now, and we've fallen in love with the Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo. We both suffer from chronic dry scalp issues, so its biodegradable castor oil beads provide a welcome scrubbing sensation. It's made with cooling mint and grapefruit to calm itchiness, plus moisturizing sea buckthorn oil to prevent flaking. Our roots and scalps feel noticeably lighter after every use, and we agree that it hasn't left our hair feeling dried out, which is key for a great curl product.

Other shoppers are as obsessed with the shampoo as we are. "I love Bouclème, but started to develop a flaky scalp," one reviewer wrote. "This exfoliating shampoo has eliminated the flakes within the first two washes—very impressed."

Mother-Daughter Hair Product Review

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Beyond the scalp scrub, we each have our personal favorite Bouclème products. My mom's top pick is the Intensive Moisture Treatment, which contains antioxidant-rich marula oil and hydrating mafura butter to prevent breakage and protect against environmental stressors. Her curls require a hefty dose of moisture to stay healthy, so she uses it in place of her regular conditioner. With consistent use, it's helped her achieve soft-to-the-touch, shiny spirals that are way less prone to frizz.

Mother-Daughter Hair Product Review

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Meanwhile, I've made the Revive 5 Glow Oil my new go-to styler. It gets its sheen from mica, a biodegradable, naturally-derived mineral that's safe to use on hair and skin. It also contains mongongo oil, moringa oil, daikon seed oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. "We've taken those key plant oils and mixed them with the mica for this lightweight, fast-absorbing oil for all hair types," explained Scott-Lynch. "They blend together and create a thermal protector, so it's really great for protecting against heat and UV rays, as well as nourishing and sealing in moisture."

I apply the oil to dry hair that's already been styled with a water-based gel, and it breaks any remaining cast while adding an ethereal sparkle. It's also much lighter than other hair oils I've tried, so it never weighs my curls down.

Mother-Daughter Hair Product Review

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Not only are Bouclème's products well priced and effective, but when you buy them, you'll support a mother-daughter journey just like mine. "My girls are super proud," Scott-Lynch told me with a smile. "I've shown them that if you believe in something and you're passionate and hardworking, you can create anything."

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