Ever wonder what celebrity and expert hairstylists' favorite products are? We found out!

By Kristin Corpuz
May 26, 2020
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three women with different types of hair
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With what seems like an endless number of hair products for sale at every drugstore and beauty retailer, it can feel impossible to know what products will actually work for you. After all, hair isn't just one type. It can be fine and straight, thick and curly, kinky and color-treated—the list goes on. It's important to find the best products for your hair type so that you can keep it at its healthiest

Whether it's the perfect shampoo and conditioner combo or styling products that will make your mornings just a little bit easier, these product recommendations from some of our favorite celebrity hairstylists will make your product selection process so much simpler. These products can either emphasize the natural texture of your hair or give you the boost it needs to make styling it a little less problematic, but the end result will always be strands that look fresh out of a salon. 

We've compiled all the insider recommendations from some of the biggest hairstylists in Hollywood and beyond: Milbon Global Creative Director Anh Co Tran (@anhcotran), celebrity hairstylist Glen Coco (@glencocoforhair), celebrity hairstylist Jillian Halouska (@jillianhalouska), Mane Addicts stylist Sabrina Porsche (@sabrina.porsche), and Adriana Tesler (@adriana_tesler), founder of The Beauty Friend and owner of Tesler Salon. Shop their favorites below.

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Fine Hair

Main takeaways: Moisture, volumizing

Anh Co Tran: For dry hair, I start with the basics. A really moisturizing shampoo and treatment is essential to keeping hydrated locks. I recommend Milbon's Moisture Replenishing Shampoo ($46; beansbeauty.com) and Milbon's Smoothing Treatment ($32; beansbeauty.com) to give my clients' parched ends a little love. These two products pack a ton of moisture while still leaving your hair airy.

Jillian Halouska: I love to amp up fine locks by blow-drying Phyto's Phytovolume Actif Volumizing Spray ($30; revolve.com) into the hair. Rough drying for texture or using a round brush for more polish, it's incredibly versatile and is a major go-to for me. 

Sabrina Porsche: I've found that Christophe Robin's Cleansing Volumizing Paste ($53; sephora.com) works great for me. It adds lots of volume and it leaves your hair smelling great afterwards. 

Thick Hair

Main takeaways: Smoothing, frizz control

Glen Coco: Honestly, my secret has always been Brazilian Blowout products for thick hair. They make the biggest difference when blowing out and smoothing thick hair. The mask and smoothing serum are life changers. Try Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Hair Masque ($40; brazilianblowout.com), Acai Daily Smoothing Serum ($38; brazilianblowout.com). 

Sabrina Porsche: The Ouai Shampoo For Thick Hair ($28; sephora.com) is great because it helps control frizz, hydrates, and leaves hair soft at the same time. 

Adriana Tesler: I have been obsessed with Playa's Every Day Shampoo ($28; sephora.com). It's perfect for thick hair because it tones down the frizz, especially in summer when it tends to get frizzier. It's perfect if you don't want to blow-dry and style it, and leaves your hair ready-to-wear. 

Straight Hair

Main takeaways: Texturizing, volumizing, thickening

Jillian Halouska: Oribe Texturizing Spray ($48; nordstrom.com) is a must for straight hair. It can thicken, adds texture, and aids in creating any updo. 

Adriana Tesler: For straight hair, I'm loving Davines' This Is A Dry Texturizer Spray ($34; davines.com). It's perfect for leaving the hair piecey, and is great for a beachy look with body and a bit of volume.

Curly Hair

Main takeaways: Moisture, weightlessness, nourishing

Anh Co Tran: Curly hair needs a balance of moisture and weightlessness to keep the curls activated and full of life. I like recommending Milbon's Wave Defining Cream ($24; beansbeauty.com) to define curls without weighing them down. This product is great for someone on the go because you can apply it to either wet or dry hair and leave it alone to promote your natural curls.

Glen Coco: My curly hair go-to has always been Aveda's Be Curly line. It's so nourishing and they have multiple products depending on your curl pattern and thickness. Definitely check out the entire line. Try: Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer ($26; aveda.com).

Adriana Tesler: To straighten curly hair, my product of choice is Davines' OI All In One Milk ($35; davines.com) because it conditions and protects the hair from blow-dry heat. It leaves the hair smooth and shiny, and I love how it smells.

Natural/Kinky Hair

Main takeaways: Softening, curl enhancing

Glen Coco: I think softening products are amazing for natural hair. I love All Soft by Redken for shampoo ($9; ulta.com) and conditioner ($9; ulta.com), as well as Mizani's Miracle Milk for a leave-in conditioner (34; sephora.com). 

Sabrina Porsche: For my 4B and 4C clients, one of my favorite products is Ouidad's Curl Immersion Low Lather Coconut Cleansing Conditioner (36; ulta.com). This is a great co-wash that gives hair luster and keeps it hydrated. Taliah Waajid's Curly Curl Cream ($8; sallybeauty.com) for curl definition is amazing and affordable. It gives dull hair lots of shine and brings out the best in your natural curl pattern.

Thinning Hair

Main takeaways: Scalp health, volumizing, body health

Anh Co Tran: For thinning hair, a volumizing shampoo and conditioner set is a must. Milbon's Volumizing Shampoo ($24; beansbeauty.com) and Volumizing Treatment ($36; beansbeauty.com) is essential for my clients who have less-than-dense hair because it gives them the height and body they need while gently cleansing and being careful to not strip their hair. Before blow-drying, I would also recommend using Milbon's Thickening Mist ($28; beansbeauty.com). This mist helps provide thinning hair with body, bounce, and fullness, and added bonus, it also has heat protection.

Glen Coco: The Genesis Collection by Kerastase is your best bet. There's a shampoo and conditioner that helps maintain the current hair you have and prevent any additional hair from falling out. They also have a serum called Sérum Fortifiant ($51; sephora.com), which is the brand's treatment that helps strengthen hair. I believe that the best thing you can do is start from the inside out, so nourish your body with a really great supplement. I love Hush & Hush—they have a supplement called DeeplyRooted ($75; hushandhush.com) which has everything you could need to help thinning hair stay strong. 

Jillian Halouska: I always suggest Nutrafol ($79; nutrafol.com) to all my clients struggling with this problem. The cult feedback proves the natural formula works.  

Damaged Hair

Main takeaways: Heat protection, moisture

Anh Co Tran: For damaged hair, heat protectant products are key. I advise all of my clients to invest in a leave-in conditioning and oil product combination to protect their tresses pre-styling. My favorite combination is Milbon's Weightless Replenishing Mist ($24; beansbeauty.com) followed by Milbon's Luminous Bodifying Oil ($36; beansbeauty.com). This combination gives the hair weightless moisture but has the heat protecting properties that damaged hair needs in order to keep its integrity. 

Jillian Halouska: The most luxurious oil I've laid my hands on is the Sisley Paris Precious Hair Care Oil ($100; nordstrom.com). It quenches your thirsty stands, and the scent will transport you right to France. C'est bon! 

Color-Treated Hair

Main takeaways: Shampoo/conditioner, damage control, strengthening

Glen Coco: I think a color-oriented shampoo and conditioner is so important. I love Color Wow's Shampoo ($23; dermstore.com) and Conditioner ($24; dermstore.com) for color-treated hair. They won't fade your color or leave any build-up behind. (A lot of shampoos and conditioners leave build-up or residue, which can clog follicles and even lead to hair loss.) On top of that, it's important to have a UV protectant when you're in the sun. I love Sun Bum's UVA & UVB protectant ($15; ulta.com)—it smells so beachy! 

Jillian Halouska: Shampooing with a color-safe shampoo and conditioner might be the most important step in your routine. Drunk Elephant's Glossing Shampoo ($25; sephora.com) keeps your color intact while adding shine to diminish any dullness. 

Adriana Tesler: Color-treated hair is susceptible to damage, and Olaplex's No. 6 Bond Smoother ($28; sephora.com) is a great product to help protect it. It strengthens and hydrates the hair, and can help maintain the vibrance of your color, and even restore some shine to it.

Oily Hair

Main takeaways: Scalp purification/cleansing, oil absorption

Anh Co Tran: Hair health starts at the scalp. For oily hair, I recommend Milbon's Purifying Gel Shampoo ($24; beansbeauty.com) and Hydrating Treatment ($36; beansbeauty.com). The shampoo helps to purify the scalp while the treatment helps to calm and refresh. Both come with odor-controlling properties to fight off the odor some oily hair can carry. If you don't have a dry shampoo, you can also try a texturing spray to help absorb oil and provide  lift on second-day hair.

Glen Coco: For oily hair, I love the new Unite Hair U:Dry Dry Shampoo (vegan and cruelty-free!). They have three different ones—Clear, Plus+, and High—that cater to all hair types, oil levels, and wash schedules. Plus, they are safe for colored and keratin-treated hair, as well as extensions. The scent is also incredibly fresh—I'm obsessed. Try: Unite U:Dry Clear Dry Shampoo ($28; unitehair.com), Plus+ Dry Shampoo ($28; unitehair.com), Dry High Dry Shampoo ($28; unitehair.com)

Sabrina Porsche: Not Your Mother's Activated Bamboo Charcoal + Purple Moonstone shampoo ($9; ulta.com) and conditioner (9; ulta.com) work great to clarify your hair and scalp. If you're on the go, Living Proof's Dry Shampoo ($14; nordstrom.com) works great to eliminate oily hair and doesn't leave any residue.

Dry Hair

Main takeaways: Moisture

Glen Coco: Three words: moisture, moisture, and moisture. Aveda’s Dry Remedy Oil ($32; aveda.com) is great. I also love the One Minute Transformation Cream by Color Wow ($24; dermstore.com). It instantly hydrates hair and transforms its texture. 

Jillian Halouska: Honestly, taking on frizzy, dry hair is almost too easy with Living Proof's Instant De-Frizzer ($29; sephora.com). It tames frizz from curls, hat hair, or overall damage in just a few sprays. 

Adriana Tesler: My go-to product for dry hair is Playa's Ritual Hair Oil ($38; violetgrey.com). I apply it on my client's hair after they blow-dry, or apply it on wavy hair to help define curls, hydrate, and repair hair without leaving it frizzy—which gives it a natural look.