My Hair Gets Greasy Fast, but This $32 Product Completely Transformed It

Now I can finally go more than a day without washing— or using half a bottle of dry shampoo.

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I bet you've watched the scene play out in a sitcom where a character dodges a date by using the excuse that she needs to wash her perfectly coiffed hair. While the silly white lie serves its purpose on TV, I've definitely backed out of real-life plans because of my hair. If you have a greasy, sensitive scalp that's easily irritated and somehow flakey too, you understand the struggle.

In order to feel good about how I look, I've long since needed to wash my hair on a near-daily basis—but that's all changed after only three weeks of using this scalp exfoliator. Thanks to my current work-from-home status, I've been able to give my head a break and wash my hair less often. This has helped a bit with how tender-headed I am, but the over-production of oil hasn't stopped, and I've been using a ton of dry shampoo (and spending a lot of money on it) to feel presentable during everything from Zoom meetings to going grocery shopping.

But when Act+Acre sent me a sample of its shopper-loved Cold Processed Scalp Renew, things really started to look up for the top of my head.

Cold Processed Scalp Renew

To buy: $32;

Three weeks later, I'm astonished by the complete transformation my hair has experienced. Through ingredients like salicylic acid to gently exfoliate, papaya extract to hydrate and nourish, and peppermint extract to soothe irritation and itchiness, my scalp has never felt better—and my hair has never looked healthier and more alive.

Not only can I go a day or two (or, dare I say, three) without washing my hair and cringing at how dirty it looks and feels, my scalp isn't irritated at all, and I'm convinced my hair has grown in thicker and quicker than before. By removing all of that product buildup I had from excessive dry shampooing, calming the irritation, hydrating my scalp, and balancing out my oil production—all things that inhibit hair growth—my head has had a chance to breathe, and it shows. Even my husband, who, bless his heart, didn't notice when I glossed my hair several shades darker this past winter, asked if my hair was suddenly longer.

Ahead of using it for the first time, I watched the brand's quick and informative demo video and got to work on sectioning out my hair, applying a little bit of the serum to each new part I created, and paying special attention to any areas that were visibly dry, red, or generally angry-looking. I massaged it into my head and let the treatment sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing and using my normal shampoo and conditioner. After that first use about three weeks ago, I immediately felt like my head was cleaner and that it felt lighter. Running a comb through my strands at the root was easier and even hurt less than it normally would, thanks to a lack of product buildup.

Plus, at $32 for a 1.2-ounce tube of product that I'm using sparingly just once per week, I know I'm saving money on dry shampoo—and saving my scalp from it, too. And I can already tell that it's going to be a while before I need to order again.

If your greasy, irritated, flaky scalp could use a major bit of TLC, give the Act+Acre Cold Processed Scalp Renew a try and join me in basking in that healthy head glow.

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