3 Secrets to Keeping Your Ponytail In Place at the Gym

These will keep strands out of your face during any workout.

I ran my first marathon last month. By the end, every bone creaked and every joint ached, but through it all, my hair stayed perfectly intact. As a beauty editor, this was the result of meticulous testing through months of training runs. Here, the three things you need to toss in your gym bag:


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Photo by sephora.com

Without getting too technical, the fancy formula has a patented molecule that essentially creates a shield around each of your strands, as well as a slew of other oil-absorbing, odor-neutralizing particles that leave your roots fresher, while adding texture and volume. I spray this on pre-workout to help sop up any future sweat and give my slippery strands extra grip.

To buy: $22, livingproof.com.



Photo by invisibobble.com

Because my thick strands snap hair elastics, and bleach damage has left me with uneven layers, I’ve given up on updos. Enter this odd-looking elastic that resembles a phone cord (remember those?). Turns out, the uneven grooves are genius at catching shorter strands. I've worn it hiking, spinning, dancing, and most recently, through 26.2 miles in a windstorm; my hair didn’t move an inch.

To buy: $8 for three, urbanoutfitters.com.


BANDED One-Inch Headband

Photo by birchbox.com

I have a love-hate relationship with headbands. At best, they keep your hair out of your face for five minutes and add a little flair to your gym ensemble; at worst, they keep your hair out of your face for five minutes so you end up readjusting it over and over again while trying to do a squat jump. This velvet-lined band stays exactly where you put it at the start of your workout without feeling uncomfortably tight. Each band purchased provides meals for three children in Uganda.

To buy: $14.25, birchbox.com.