Here’s how to shave some precious minutes off your morning routine.

By Claudia Fisher
October 22, 2019
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When hair is wet, it’s more susceptible to breakage and damage. We know this, yet time after time we drag the wrong brushes harshly through damp locks, attacking tangles rather than coaxing them smooth. 

If you haven’t replaced your ill-equipped hairbrush yet, it’s time to take notice of the drugstore golden child when it comes to hair: Goody. The affordable hair care and accessories brand designed a brush specifically for improved detangling of wet strands, the QuikStyle Paddle Brush ($12;, and shoppers are loving their faster hairstyling routines and less frizzy results.

Made with absorbent microfiber bristles, this paddle brush removes excess water as you comb through your locks, speeding up your overall getting-ready time. While the brush is in no way a replacement for a blow dryer, the bristles will help with the initial step of turning sopping wet hair into easier-to-manage wet hair. Some happy Amazon customers also use the brush post blow-dry to soak up any remaining moisture. 

The most common adjective used by four- and five-star reviewers when talking about the brush is “timesaver,” so if you want to speed up the average time it takes you to get out the door—whether that’s making it to work on time in the morning or when you only have 30 minutes between a workout and a date—shoppers will tell you this brush “made a difference,” “really speeds up hair drying,” and that they “super recommend.” 

To buy: $12;

Fans of the Goody brush don’t just buy multiple for themselves but even purchase the drying brush for friends and family, saying that it’s especially great for long, thick, and curly hair types—so, a lot of people.

Even if you don’t blow dry your hair as a next step, this brush sets you up for a good hair day. One reviewer explained, “This is my absolute favorite brush (I've tried a boatload of brush styles over the years). For me, it helps dry my hair and adds a little sheen to it. I have natural dirty-blonde hair with fine strands but a lot of hair. When my hair air dries it can take hours for it to completely dry, especially if I pull it back in a ponytail or a bun. I typically do not blow-dry my hair. This brush enables me to dry my hair while traveling to work (45-minute drive time). I brush it several times on my way and once again when I reach my destination. In my opinion, it releases the natural oils in my scalp which adds to the sheen in my hair. It seems to not damage my hair as some other paddle style brushes or oval-shaped brushes have done in the past.”

The paddle has five drain holes on each side so you don’t have to worry about over-saturation, and the bristles will dry if you store the brush in an open, ventilated area. To clean the hairbrush, you remove the hair buildup like you with your other brushes and then wash the bristles with warm water and shampoo. The bristles are also protected by antimicrobial properties to prevent mold or mildew, so all you have to worry about is shaving that morning routine down enough to snooze just one more time. Buy yours on Amazon for only $12 here.