Including the number one mistake people make at the salon.  
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If there’s any haircut that keeps going strong, it’s the lob. From Pippa Middleton to Padma Lakshmi’s recent haircut debuting at the Emmys, we can’t escape it on our Instagram feeds or IRL on the streets. While the long bob is a relatively easy cut to get at the salon, there are a few things to note when you get in the seat with your stylist. Below, we chatted with New York City hairstylist Siobhan Quinlan about getting the best lob for your face and what you should know before the scissors meet your hair.

So why are people flocking to their nearest salon to get this chop? “It’s a way for people with long hair to feel like they made a change, while still having length,” says Quinlan. The length is ponytail-friendly, too, which is always a plus.

While the cut looks flattering on everyone, there are a few tips to keep in mind based on your face shape. The number one mistake people make? Requesting a shoulder-length cut, which is prone to the dreaded hair flip (when your hair flips up at the ends). According to Quinlan, collarbone length is perfect. And if you want to lengthen your face, keep the front longer.

The main decision to make with a lob is how to soften or sharpen your face—it’s how you play with face-framing. “If you have side bangs with a round face, it’s going to break up the roundness,” says Quinlan. Similarly, a structured face will round out nicely with a curve framing the face.

Keep in mind that shorter lobs require more frequent trips to the salon (Quinlan says about every eight weeks) to avoid ends flipping up. In terms of everyday care, Quinlan recommends R+Co. Aircraft Pomade Mousse ($29; to texturize the ends and to create some life to the one-length lob.

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And the top reason people can’t get enough of this cut? It grows out nicely if you get a longer version—frequent visits to the salon not required.