The Right Way to Use Dry Shampoo for Revived Hair

Done right, this secret hairstyling weapon will buy you time (and leave your tresses looking fabulous).

The popularity of dry shampoo has skyrocketed over the past few years, so much so that people are going a week plus without washing their hair. While some have the art of applying dry shampoo down to a science, others are hesitant to douse their strands with the powdery stuff for fear of being left with white residue. That's where these helpful hairstyling tips come in. Learn how to use dry shampoo correctly and you're left with volume, freshness, and locks that appear grease-free (despite how many workouts you've done or days that have passed since your last wash). Ahead, three easy hairstyling steps to score you a few extra minutes in the morning.

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Spritz your scalp

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An easy mistake: ending up with a cloud of powder on top of your head. Prevent this by grabbing four-inch sections of hair, starting just above your ear. Hold the can 6-8 inches away and spritz your scalp in a sweeping motion. Repeat until you reach your other ear. After you finish, lift your hair and give the crown of your head a good spritz since it can get pretty greasy back there too.

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Massage into your roots

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Here's where a little elbow grease comes in. For the powders to work their magic and absorb dirt and oil, you have to thoroughly massage the dry shampoo into your roots and scalp. But wait! Before you do that, wait two minutes for the dry shampoo to fully absorb. After the timer is up, spread your fingers and, using your fingertips, rub your crown. It will feel nice and distribute the formula; plus, it'll give second-day hair some lift.

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Comb through your hair

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Lastly, brush your hair through from roots to ends to blend any residue while preserving volume. Make sure to brush the top of your hair as well to tame flyaways. (P.S. While these steps will help you skip shampoos, washing is key for healthy strands.) After that, split your hair where you normally would and style as usual.

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