9 Cute Hairstyles for School That Will Actually Save You Time in the Morning

Head back to school with a fresh, easy hairstyle. Bonus: You won’t have to set your alarm any earlier.

Even though there's a twinge of sadness because summer's over, nothing quite beats those back-to-school vibes. You get to see your besties every day, fill your social calendar with football games and dances, and it's the perfect excuse to pick up a few new outfits. Now's also a prime opportunity to try some new hairstyles for school. Unfortunately, with Instagram feeds filled with braids that make rocket science look easy, finding looks that actually save you time is a real challenge.

For the best cute and easy hairstyles to wear in those hallowed hallways, we reached out to celebrity hairstylists who were quick to dish on their top picks. Read on for cute hairstyles for school anyone can try—even if you oversleep.

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Double Side Buns

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A nod to '90s space buns, this double-bun look is equal parts sleek and playful. "Even though it is a very structured style, it still has a softness to it," says Michael Dueñas, celebrity stylist to stars such as Mariah Carey, Ariel Winter, and Hillary Duff. To get the look, create a center part, then comb your hair into two low ponytails. "To keep the buns taught and perfect, it helps to curl them with a large iron, that way all flyaways stay hidden!" says Dueñas. "Always finish a bun with hairspray to keep it looking pretty all day!"

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'70s Inspired Waves

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Not digging the '90s? Let's go back a couple decades and enjoy the '70s, instead. Andreas Zafiriadis, owner of Chicago's Salon Buzz, says loose waves and shaggy styles are ultra-trendy right now, making them some of the best hairstyles for school. Bonus: This versatile style works on all lengths and you can even fake curtain bangs if you don't have the real deal. To recreate, start with a center part and use a large-barrel curling iron (or flat iron) to curl hair away from your face.

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French Braided Pigtails

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Dueñas says the perfect side part and immaculate braids elevate kid-like pigtails into a more grownup, fresh look. To recreate, apply a light grip spray or wax to damp or dry hair. "The grit and hold from the spray will really help get a smooth look while keeping volume," he says. Next, part your hair down the center and then create two taut French braids before securing with a clear elastic.

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Braided Ponytail

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This versatile hairstyle for school can lean casual, or you can dress it up with some earrings and the right makeup. "You can [also] bring it from schoolgirl to glam depending on the tightness of the braid," says Dueñas, who notes that the braid featured here offers the right amount of tension. To recreate, blow dry your hair smooth and then, starting just off center, create a French braid down the side of your head. Secure with a ponytail and you're good to go.

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Voluminous High Pony

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Here's an easy hairstyle for school that's perfect for anyone eager to show off their texture. After using a curl-defining product on damp hair, gather your hair at the top of your head until your tendrils naturally fall forward. Secure, pulling down a few pieces to add some extra softness around your face.

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Low-Key Loose Braid

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For a more undone and casual look, try this loose, low braid. "This hairstyle is for the girl who wants to look polished but doesn't have time for [anything too] complicated," says Brittany Gharring, a hairstylist who works both editorial pages and the red carpet. "A simple bow, ear cuff, headbands, or beautiful hair accessory is great for dressing up your natural textured strands or yesterday's tousled waves." Gather your hair at the nape and create a simple three-strand braid. Gently tug at the braid to create a looser feel.

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Half-Up Topknot


Heading somewhere semi-formal? Dueñas says this is a great go-to. "I love when a hairstyle has a tousle to it, but is elegant at the same time. Keeping that balance is not easy, but important when going to a semi-formal function," he notes. Start by adding some movement to your hair with a texturizing spray, then pull a quarter of your hair up and secure at the top of your head. "My best tip for a perfect bun is to use a large curling iron and curl the top section in the ponytail all at once, making the ends have a perfect bend to them," says Dueñas. To keep it soft and light, don't add too much hairspray.

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Slicked Back High Pony

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Elevate your typical ponytail by adding height and shine. Run a dollop of frizz-eliminating serum through wet or towel dried hair. Use a comb to evenly transfer hair into an elastic at the crown of your head. Secure the elastic.

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Barrette Pinned Side Part

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Add a quick sparkle to your look by clipping in a few shiny barrettes. Part your hair down the side with a comb, spray your hair with a texturing spray to create natural waves, and then pin barrettes down the side about 1.5 inches apart.

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