They look even better as you grow them out.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated September 18, 2017

If you’ve been thinking about bangs but are not sure if you want to make the chop or the commitment then you’re in luck. The most popular bangs for fall—according to Pinterest—are “curtain bangs” or “Bardot” bangs and they’re just as easy to hide (should you not like them) as they are to style. The search for the term on Pinterest is up a whopping 600 percent from last year. The sixties style is a little overgrown and looks best slightly parted down the middle. We asked Katerina Proko, a stylist at Pembley salon in New York City, for her thoughts on the trend, who it looks best on (hint: everyone!), what to ask for from your stylist, and how to wear them.

“It’s timeless, sassy, and playful,” says Proko. “It’s a great way to switch up your look from summer without a drastic transformation.” Unsure if the look is right for your face shape? “I get so many clients asking for these bangs because they literally look good on everyone and flatter all face shapes because they’re so flexible and versatile.”

Proko just notes that you should keep your features in mind when getting the cut and to alter it slightly depending on your face shape. If you have a round face, try to have your bangs more narrow with soft angles and slightly wispy. Oval face shape is very versatile so go a little bolder and make a statement by making them thicker and fuller. If you have a square face try to avoid any blunt lines that could box you in and instead keep it wispy and off to the side.

And while the style looks effortless, don’t try it at home—Proko recommends still seeing a stylist to make the chop for you. You may already know to bring along inspiration images (like these from Pinterest), but Proko also recommends bringing images of what you don’t like so that there’s no blurred lines when it comes to what you and your stylist are envisioning. The shortest layer should be no shorter than your eyelashes with the length gradually getting longer from there.

Once you’ve made the chop and are ready to style, take these tips from Proko: blow dry your bangs downward (hold the blow dryer above) while you move them back and forth with your fingers until they’re almost dry. For a bouncy finish, grab a large round brush and finish blow-drying. If you have curly hair Proko recommends using a straightener. Finish with a light mist of hairspray unless you have fine hair then add some texture with a dry shampoo.