Hint: It’s not blonde or brunette.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated September 20, 2017
Haircolor swatches
Credit: iStock/Getty Images

Every new season is an excuse to change up your hair color. While going blonde might feel too much like summer, it also feels too soon to go super dark too, so copper could be the perfect sweet spot for fall. And we know it’s trending because the search for the term “copper balayage” on Pinterest is up 76 percent from last year. We asked Katerina Proko, a stylist at Pembley salon in New York City, for her take on the popular new hair color.

“Slightly golden, richer caramel highlights are the perfect complement to the fall weather,” says Proko. After talking to multiple stylists they all agreed that the hue works on all skin tones and actually “warms up pale skin tones like a bronzer would,” says New York City hairstylist Siobhan Quinlan. “If your hair is bleached out after the summer ask your colorist for a golden gloss with honey hues which will give your skin life and color—it’s a nice way to warm up and tone down existing highlights,” adds Proko.

And if you’re worried about it being brassy, don’t! “There’s a difference between golden and brassy,” advises Proko. To avoid going into the brassy territory she recommends asking for baby-lights (very fine, delicate highlights) or balayage free hand painting for a natural finish. These methods of coloring also allow for you to go longer between salon appointments—score! Take a look at some inspiration below.

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