Clairol partnered with 100 real women (not models or celebrities) to give them a beauty boost and the results were way more than just fresh color.

By Chelsea Traber Burns
Updated March 14, 2018
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Clairol Nice'n Easy
Credit: Marina Maher Communications

Is there anything better than fresh hair color and a blowout? Nothing has the power to boost your mood like a trip to the salon. It may seem so simple, but the way we appear on the outside can have a major impact on how we feel on the inside. This is the idea that inspired at-home hair color brand Clairol's new campaign—Color of Confidence—to help women feel more liberated and self-empowered, something we’re all about at Real Simple.

To launch the campaign, Clairol partnered with 100 real women (instead of models or celebrities) across all backgrounds, ages and ethnicities then gauged their confidence levels. They were shocked to find that the women's responses were so negative, and included comments like "I haven't felt confident in years," "I feel invisible," and even "I feel unwanted." Clairol then matched up each woman with a shade of Nice'n Easy hair color ($7; to have them use at home.

After the women got their fresh color, they were asked the same questions about confidence. Not only did 85% of the women feel more confident, 97% said they checked themselves out more, and 81% said they felt beautiful. One woman was even motivated to ask for a raise—and she got it!

One of our favorite results was that 89% felt more confident to just be themselves. “Beauty today is all about celebrating what you love about your look. By allowing women to color fearlessly we’re taking away barriers and opening up a new world of transformation and self-expression,” says Rosi Ajjam, SVP Retail Hair at Coty, and the architect of CLAIROL’s recent redesign.

The newly reformulated Nice'n Easy at-home hair color conditions at every step of the color process (so your hair is actually healthier after you color!), is a rich cream so it won't drip, and has a reduced risk of allergy thanks to a new formulation (But still consult your dermatologist if you’ve had allergies in the past!) so it's easier and safer to use than ever. “Taking the fear out of coloring liberates women to express themselves in new ways," says Ajjam. If you’d like to get involved in the campaign, share your fearless story (it doesn't have to be about beauty) on Instagram with the hashtag #ColorFearlessly for a chance to be regrammed by Clairol.