This spring, we're seeing so many fun hair color options for brunettes—from pink to an earthy shade of "mushroom."

Brunette Laughing
Credit: PeopleImages/Getty Images

When brunettes think about hair color, they can practically smell the bleach needed to strip their hair. To achieve anything other than a darker shade of brown, it can mean lots of money, hours in the salon chair, and potentially irreparable damage. We're going to go ahead and declare those fears a thing of the past, because right now, fun and “on trend” hair colors are just as accessible to brown-haired girls as they are to blondes. Depending on intensity, color, and overall coverage, the possibilities are endless for an interesting and unique color this spring. These three dye jobs are easy to achieve with your natural hair color.

Introducing rose brown, a gorgeous combination of brown and dusty rose. It’s bold, while still looking effortless. And it’s far less damaging to your hair, thanks to a minimal amount of bleaching.

Since the pink trickles down in a balayage effect, stylists only apply bleach subtly in certain areas, then layer on pink and red dye to create the pretty rose coloring. Voila! Gorgeous rosy brown hair. Rose brown is a fun way to play with color while still sticking to your roots.

Pink not your thing? Consider Mulberry hair. This combo of brown, auburn, and/or purple dye makes for a moody (and seriously trendy) mix.

Mushroom brown hair is the prettiest shade of brunette we’re been seeing all over Pinterest. This multidimensional color is the same earthy shade of a Portobello mushroom, hence the name. You can go ashier or stick with neutral for a more monochrome look.