8 Best Blonde Hair Colors in 2022, According to Hairstylists

It’s time to call your colorist.

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Whether you already enjoy a mop of blonde hair or are contemplating going lighter, there are so many options. Curious about what shades were trending this year, we reached out to a couple colorists for a rundown of what they're seeing in their own salons. From dark and dimensional shades like walnut to hues that toe the edge of fashion colors like turmeric, our pros say these are the best blonde hair color ideas to try in 2022.

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Walnut Blonde


Here's the perfect hue for anyone who prefers to lean more toward darker shades of blonde.

"Walnut blonde is warm and creamy all at the same time—a perfect balance of rich and golden blonde," says Bianca Hillier, celebrity colorist and ambassador for Olaplex. "It's not too bright, but is still noticeably blonde."

She recommends opting for this hue if you don't want to feel overly blonde or stray too far from your natural base. It's also a good option if you want to slowly work your way to a lighter shade of blonde in the future.

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Champagne Blonde


On the opposite end of the blonde spectrum you'll find champagne, a super-light blonde with a kiss of soft pearl. "Here, soft pink mixed with a pale gold glistens and shines," says Aloxxi colorist Jessica Wall Innella. She says this color is perfect for a long-time blonde who wants to mix things up a bit.

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Rooted Blonde


Rooted blonde is another hue that adds a bit more depth to your hair. If you commit to this route, you can create a beautiful contrast of highlights and lowlights. Also, the darker root can help create an illusion of fullness.

"This is great for the blondes who don't want to commit to a scheduled appointment every six to eight weeks, or who want to transition into being a brunette," says Jalyn Park Smith, a colorist at SPACE by Alex Brown.

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Frosted Cream


This bright and icy blonde is surprisingly flattering across a range of complexions, including people with pale, warm, or cool skin tones.

"Frosted cream blonde still has dimension, but is on the brighter side of blonde. It's a beautiful and natural 'spent all summer on the beach' sun-kissed blonde," says Hillier. "On a lighter natural canvas, this is super-low-maintenance with a high-end expensive look." If you have a darker base, it can still be accomplished, but you'll need to commit to more upkeep. (We say it's worth it.)

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Turmeric Blonde


Yellow is having a real moment in the hair color world, but we totally get it if you don't want to go full banana just yet. Enter turmeric blonde, a deep blonde base that's diffused with micro-fine weaves of bright and warm blonde.

"I love this blonde hair color for those looking to transition from a bold chunky look in the front to a softer, highlighted, dimensional look," says Innella. "This is the answer to staying lighter around the face, but incorporating today's warmer tones."

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Buttercream Blonde


If you're into the warmth of turmeric but don't want to go too yellow, buttercream blonde is the perfect choice. "This blonde is about embracing that warmth in the most beautiful way," says Smith. "I think it looks best when there are still highs and lows throughout the hair to help create movement and dimension."

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Grainy Blonde


For blondes who want to keep things more natural and low-maintenance, "grainy blonde" is the way to go. Hillier says it works best on a flat or ashy natural base, and allows depth to be perceived as movement.

"I love this for the clients that don't come in for highlights very often," she says. "It's perfect for a lived-in vibe and easy to grow out, but will still keep you feeling blonde and contrasted."

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Strawberry Blonde


If you were waiting for a copper moment, this is it. Strawberry blonde takes your standard bombshell blonde and elevates it with fine, peek-a-boo flares of soft copper underneath at the crown. "The mix of the thin copper highlight on a beautiful blonde gives it that gorgeous apricot tone," says Innella. "It's a great option for blondes seeking a high-fashion look that's still 'work-appropriate.'"

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