Hair, for many women (including myself), acts as a security blanket. Tell me you’re going to cut an inch, and I hesitate; tell me you’re going to cut more than five inches, and I would bolt from the salon chair. That’s where the blind haircut comes in. Admittedly, I am (was) very attached to the length of my hair (that touched my butt). But then Dove celebrity hairstylist, Mark Townsend, got his hands on it and worked his magic.

By Lisa DeSantis
Updated August 24, 2017

I went into this haircut knowing I was getting more than a typical trim, but what I didn’t know was that ten inches of my precious locks were going to hit the floor during the process. With Mark Townsend, celebrity hairstylist for Dove, wielding the scissors, I sat for about an hour in front of video cameras and a crew without a mirror in sigh—all I had to go off of was the reactions of those around me.

Let’s just say, the anxiety was real, but it helped that I kept reminding myself that Townsend is known for his work with the Olsen twins (my idols!). When I saw the final result, I was in shock. To be completely honest, what I saw staring back at me was my 12-year-old self with a bob. But in reality, I still had what’s considered by normal standards to be “long hair”—a length that still reaches my mid-back.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I was literally obsessed with my cut. I didn’t miss the length, the weight, or the styling time that my long hair required. Believe it or not, my shorter strands felt fuller than ever before, because they weren’t being weighed down. And as Townsend promised, my natural waves finally came out to play, allowing me to skip the hot tools and let my hair air-dry.

Had it not been for this experience, I’d still be walking around with lifeless locks that really didn’t do anything for me. Instead, I have a real style that shows off my facial features and feels more modern.

To anyone who feels stuck in a rut: find a hairstylist who you really trust and then let go, giving them the power to do what they think will look best—they’re the pros, after all. It might be terrifying, but go in knowing that its just hair and it grows back. Plus, there’s the prospect of ending up with with a cut that you never would have chosen for yourself and more confidence than ever (like me!).