We're calling it: Blake Lively's hair is going to start a major fall trend.

Blake Lively's New Fall Hairstyle Is a Bedhead Look
Credit: Gary Gershoff

August has come and gone, which means the (un)official start of fall is here. With the new month comes plenty of new style. But, one girl who isn’t letting go of her summertime look just yet is Blake Lively. And that’s OK with everyone.

No, she’s not rocking white pants after Labor Day (but that’s OK too). Instead, she's continuing her beach-wave and bedhead hair straight into foliage season.

While making an appearance at Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2019 show during New York Fashion Week, Lively rocked a three-piece menswear-inspired tux, which she one step further by pairing it with a top hat, cane, and a fresh-out-of-bed hairstyle anyone can pull off.

As Vogue hypothesized, Lively’s hair likely came from a “spritz of strong hold hairspray and a quick tousle.”

But, it may have actually come from Lively’s own hair product invention, which stylist Rod Ortega spilled the beans on during an August interview with InStyle.

"I was so excited to try one of Blake’s very own salt water recipes for her hair! It added the perfect texture," Ortega told InStyle at the time. "I put beachy waves in before pulling back into the pony because it’s important to create a cohesive, voluminous texture throughout the hair. "

To get the beach-ready style, Ortega explained, Lively will spritz the salt water all over her hair then dry it using a diffuser. She then lets it sit, without brushing or running her fingers through it. Finally, Lively will take a curling wand to her hair to polish her locks.

If you want in on the just-rolled-out-of-bed trend, you don’t have create your own beauty concoctions. Instead, you can just buy one of these six styling products for beachy waves all year long. You can even up the ante by adding a literal bedhead element with these four simple ways of styling your hair in your sleep. Sorry, no top hat or cane included.