These are the top hair trends for the new year.
The Biggest Hair Styles and Trends of 2019, According to Pinterest
Credit: Yuri Arcurs/Getty Images

Each year, Pinterest releases an end-of-year list like no other. Because, while most people are busy recapping what happened throughout 2018, Pinterest is busy predicting what will be hot for 2019.

And, because more than 250 million people visit Pinterest each month, the site can gather plenty of data on what will be hot in the worlds of decor, travel, health and wellness, and beauty.

Since the site’s inception, more than 175 billion ideas have been saved to 3 billion boards. That includes plenty of hair color ideas. Next year, Pinterest noted in its release, “is about mixing natural styles with pows of gloss and color. And women from all different cultures, with all different skin tones, are coming to Pinterest to find ideas to try.” These women, Pinterest noted, are 2.4 times more likely to experiment with different makeup and hair colors vs. women on other platforms.

“The trends unveil what people are dreaming about trying in the new year, what they share in common, from everyday inspiration to bigger moments in the calendar,” Larkin Brown, Pinterest researcher, shared in a statement. “People are becoming bolder with their style choices and are embracing global influences.”

So what does Pinterest think people will try out in 2019 when it comes to hair? Apparently, we’re all going gray… or purple.

“People are growing out their natural gray hair and letting that silver shine through,” Pinterest noted, adding that searches for “going gray” increased by 879% in 2018.

But, for a less natural look, people are also heavily into lilac hues. According to Pinterest, “this pretty pastel hair color trend is growing fast,” with searches for “lilac hair” up by 1,077%.

Beyond color, Pinterest also has a major prediction when it comes to cuts. As the social sharing site noted, “baby bangs” may become all the rage in 2019 as the just-above-brow crop saw a 51% search increase in 2018.

If you’re ready to make the hair leap, check out our DIY guide to color and our DIY guide to cutting bangs so you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Truly, 2019 is your year to go bold from head to toe.