They remove chlorine and other impurities from water. 

By Amina Lake Abdelrahman
March 25, 2020
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If you’ve ever noticed your skin feeling super dry and itchy after a shower, there’s a good chance that your tap water could be the culprit. Many homes have tap water that contains minerals and chlorine that can be drying (just like how chlorine from a swimming pool can dry out your hair and skin). And since impurities in your shower water can form a film on your body, they can also make it hard to lather up and feel clean, even after some intense scrubbing.

While it may seem like something you can’t easily fix, you can: Thousands of shoppers use shower filters to improve their skin and hair. Depending on the type, shower filters are affordable devices that either replace your entire showerhead or attach right behind your existing one to soften hard water and remove its impurities (think: chlorine, lead, dirt, and odor). 

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Many customers swear that they immediately notice a difference in their hair and skin after installing shower filters. If you’re still wondering if shower filters are worth it, see what reviewers have to say:

“My hair is bouncy and healthy again, and my skin doesn’t feel tight after showering anymore,” one reviewer wrote of the AquaBliss shower filter after one use. “My daughter had similar results, and her dry skin has cleared up and my dandruff is gone.” 

Ready to try it yourself? These are the best shower filters you can buy for healthy skin and hair:

Best Overall: AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter 

Shoppers love this best-selling shower filter from AquaBliss. It features a 12-stage filter where some layers, including an activated carbon layer, work to remove chlorine, dirt, and other impurities, while others add vitamins and minerals (like vitamin C) to the water. One person said they don’t notice the smell of chlorine when they shower anymore, while another said they noticed their hair was softer and skin was less dry after two showers. Reviewers also say it’s easy to install—you don’t even need any tools to attach it to your shower head. 

To buy: $35;

Best Value: Beastron 5-Stage Shower Filter

At $20, this shower filter is perfect if you’re looking to try one out for the first time without breaking the bank. You can install it in just a few minutes by screwing it onto your shower. It has a five-stage filter that’s easy to replace (most shower filters should last between four and six months). One reviewer said their baby was experiencing super dry skin, but they immediately noticed an improvement after bathing them with water filtered through this. Another person said they feel much safer showering with this filter, especially because it helps prevent tacky hair and chlorine smells.

To buy: $20,

Best Rainfall Option: HotelSpa Ultra-Luxury Rainfall Shower Head and Filter

If you’re looking for a quality shower head that comes with a built-in filter, opt for this one by HotelSpa. Its multiple features—a filter to purify water, six different jet settings, and a rainfall showerhead to mimic a fancy hotel— work together to create a luxurious shower experience right in your bathroom. Customers say their hair and skin feel healthier, softer, and smoother in just a few uses. Bonus: The shower head has built-in LED lights that change colors while you shower.

To buy: $25,

Best Option to Use With Your Own Shower Head: Aquasana Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

Aquasana is a trusted brand when it comes to water filtration, and this shower filter lives up to those standards by helping reduce the amount of chemicals and chlorines when you wash your hair and skin. Since it has a vertical design, it won’t add too much length to the shower head you already use (and therefore won’t mess up your water stream). Reviewers rave about how much this shower filter improves their sensitive skin and itchy scalps, calling it a game-changer. 

To buy: $56,

Best Option for Handheld Shower Heads: Kohler Aquifer Shower Water Filtration System Filter

Thanks to its super slim design, this shower filter from Kohler is best for people with handheld shower heads who wish to add filtration. Reviewers say their hair noticeably improved in just a few days and didn’t see much of an effect in water flow. “It did not noticeably change the water pressure at all,” wrote a shopper. “I didn’t think my water was terrible, but this filter makes a huge difference.”

To buy: $49,

Best Wall-Mounted Option: Culligan Wall Mounted Shower Filter

This no-frills shower filter comes with its own shower head attached, so you don’t have to worry about the one you already have not fitting correctly. The filter cartridge will catch impurities in your water, but what really sets this option apart is that shower head itself has five different spray settings (including a massaging one!) for ultimate comfort. It even comes with a reminder sticker so you can remember when it’s time to change the filter. “My scalp no longer itches, my skin isn’t as parched coming out of the shower, and my hair looks less and less damaged after each use,” wrote one reviewer.

To buy: $30,

Best Handheld Option: Sprite 7-Spray Filtered Handheld Shower Head

With seven different spray settings ranging from power mist to full massage, this handheld option can replace your current shower head. “I noticed a difference the first few times I showered with the filtered water,” wrote one shopper. “The curl is back in my hair; no more brittle ends or frizz, and my skin is not dry!” Reviewers also loved the hose length, saying it easily reaches the bottom of the tub (and also makes it easier to give babies or pets a bath): “The water pressure is great, and the hose is very long, which helps when trying to clean the tub,” another reviewer wrote. 

To buy: $50,

Best Inline Option: Culligan ISH-100 Inline Showerhead Filter

Great for wall-mounted shower heads, this water filter from Culligan will reduce the amount of chlorine, sulfur odor, and scale in your water by 97 percent, so there will be way less gunk to irritate your skin or stick on your body. “I have had my shower filter for about 2 weeks and I love it,” wrote one reviewer. “It has help[ed] clear my dry skin and made my hair so soft.” Other reviewers say it even prevents hard water from irritating their sensitive eyes.

To buy: $23,

Best Vitamin C Option: pH REJUVENATE Vitamin C Shower Filter

While there are other shower filters that also infuse vitamin C into the water, this handheld one stands out because it adds a soothing citrus scent, too. In total, it comes with four vitamin C blocks to add the scent that reviewers call “fresh and pleasant.” Besides the aromatherapy aspect, it’ll neutralize bad smells and remove contaminants like chloramine and heavy metals like lead. You’ll notice it’s working, too: One shopper said they could already tell a difference in their hair and skin after just a few showers with this filter.

To buy: $29,

Best KDF Option: pH ENERGIZE Multi-Stage Shower Filter

Even though it looks just like many other shower filters, this one purifies water using a KDF filter, which is a process that kills bacteria and removes chlorine in a non-toxic way. One reviewer said her curly hair felt cleaner and more manageable after using this shower filter for just two weeks. Another person said they don’t smell chlorine in their water or on their skin anymore, which is a huge benefit. You won’t have to worry about it looking out of place in your shower, either, since shoppers say this filter is small and compact.

To buy: $29,