The 5 Best Haircuts for Thick Hair, According to Hairstylists

Experts weigh in on how best to snip your strands if they’re ultra-thick.

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It's a hair care tale as old as time: Every hair type and texture comes with its own unique set of gripes. Those with fine locks crave more volume. Those with curly strands are constantly battling frizz. And for those with thick hair, a flattering cut can prove much more difficult to achieve. "When it comes to cutting thick hair, going too short or adding too many layers can end up creating bulk in unwanted areas," explains Sunnie Brook, a celebrity stylist and Biolage global ambassador. "One of the biggest challenges is decreasing the bulk or heaviness so that you can create enough movement in the style," adds Briana Cisneros, a celebrity hairstylist and Wella brand ambassador.

The good news? There really are no hard and fast 'rules' for cutting thick hair; rather, it's about finding a good stylist who can work with your unique hair, styling preferences, and features to create a complementary look that balances out the volume and weight of your hair, Cisnero says. That being said, if you're not sure where to start, stylists say these five cuts tend to work particularly well on thick hair.

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An Undercut Bob

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Shorter styles can tend to look undesirably bell-shaped if you have thicker hair, but this cutting technique is a great way to remove weight and bulk, and give you the option of wearing a shorter look, says Brook. Per the name, hair is removed from underneath—and exactly how much can be easily adjusted based on how much weight needs to be taken out, notes Cisneros, who is also a fan of this cut. Also nice: While it works well short, it can also be slightly longer, more of a lob, for those who want a bit more length, she adds. It works well for most face shapes, though can sometimes accentuate roundness, so just keep that in mind, she points out.

Styling tip: Blow-dry using a paddle brush to help smooth out the undercut area, suggests Brook.

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The Bixie

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A hybrid of sorts, "this is a bob that has layers reminiscent to that of a pixie, and includes bangs as well as an undercut," says Cisneros. The undercut keeps the shorter style from looking too round and the layers add movement, while the bangs serve their own purpose. "Adding bangs to thick hair, for any style, is a great way to help remove excess hair around the face," says stylist Nunzio Saviano, hairstylist and owner of the eponymous salon in New York City.

Styling tip: In a rush? Blowing out just your bangs (using a round, boar bristle brush for extra smoothness) is an easy way to make it look like you 'styled' your hair, says Saviano.

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Hidden, Long Layers

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Cisneros says that adding layers on the inside of the hair is one of the easiest ways to create a flattering style for anyone who wants long hair. By cutting a lot of hair away in the interior, it allows for less layering on top while still imparting swing and movement, she explains. Saviano also likes this long, layering technique but adds that incorporating just a few face-framing layers is a good idea, too. "The combination of long layers and face-framing removes weight at the bottom, adds volume at the crow, and gives an overall lighter and weightless look to all of the hair," he points out. Plus, your stylist can tweak the specific way they cut the face-framing pieces to best flatter your face shape, adds Brook. If using a curling wand, choose one with a larger barrel. Longer styles can also benefit from a good hair detangler.

Styling tip: A round, hot air brush makes it easy to enhance and increase the movement created by the layers, says Brook.

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An A-Line Shape

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"This cut, where the hair is generally shorter in the back and longer in the front, dropped off in popularity for a while but is now making a resurgence," says Cisneros. (She adds that it works well when paired with either a bob or lob.) Brook also recommends this cut, noting that having more length at the front keeps the hair from looking too bulky, even if it is a shorter cut overall. "It works especially well for round and square face shapes, since it elongates the face and neck," she adds.

Styling tip: This cut is designed to have forward movement, so use a paddle brush to direct your roots forward as you blow dry, suggests Brook.

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Shag With Bangs

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Shags and all their many iterations have been popular for a while, and Saviano says they're especially good for thick hair. "The super short, textured layers both remove weight and add a ton of movement," he says. Cisneros agrees, calling this a "fabulous" cut for thick hair for those same reasons, and adding that depending on the overall length and how it's styled, it's also very versatile and can go from more conservative to super edgy.

Styling tip: Lazy girls, rejoice. According to Saviano, air-drying is actually the best way to style this cut—it enhances the piecieness and textured look.

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