Find Out Which Bangs Work Best for Your Face Shape, According to Hairstylists

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Deciding to get bangs is all about discovering what works best for you, but there's a lot to consider before that first cut.

Figuring out how much time you want to spend styling your bangs, working with your hair texture, and most importantly, discovering what works with your face shape are all vital steps in the process of getting bangs. For instance, getting blunt-cut bangs on a square-face shape may look too heavy and hide your face, instead of enhancing it. Similarly, opting for baby bangs may not give you the face-framing results you're hoping for if you have a heart-shaped face.

Ultimately, choosing the best bang style for you will require an open conversation with your hairstylist. After speaking with the pros, we learned that some bang styles look undeniably good on the four most common face shapes. Consider this your guide for deciphering which bangs will offer you a fun and transformative look that also highlights your features.

Best bangs for heart-shaped faces: Curtain bangs

Kailey Whitman

Heart-shaped faces typically have more space from the eyes to the hairline when compared to other face shapes. "It is a great face shape for bangs as you have room to fill in with hair," says Tina Outen, professional hairstylist and colorist. She recommends going with a longer bang style, like curtain bangs. Not only is this '70s-inspired bang style trending, but they're also softer and easy to style compared to other looks. But if you aren't into curtain bangs, Lisa Epperson, a Fekkai hairstylist, says any soft and wispy bang style will look great on heart-shaped faces, as well.

Best bangs for round faces: Blunt bangs

Kailey Whitman

If you're looking to add more dimension to a round face shape, opt for a thick-cut bang. Outen recommends blunt bangs cut straight across the forehead. "The straight bluntness will balance out the roundness of the face," she says.

The best part of blunt bangs is they're more versatile than they lead on. A sleek and straight style is a classic look, but you can also create texture for a more effortless, lived-in look.

If you have a round head with a shorter forehead, you can also try a baby bang for a statement look that doesn't weigh too heavy on your face.

Best bangs for square-shaped faces: Side-swept bangs

Kailey Whitman

Square face shapes already have a great jawline, which is why you'll want a hairstyle that enhances the bone structure instead of hiding it. Epperson loves side-swept bangs for this face shape. "It will be most flattering for the jawline," she says.

Another bang style that highlights and complements square-face shapes? Bangs that are shorter in the middle and gradually longer towards the sides. They offer a similar look to a blunt bang cut straight across, but are lighter and wispier.

Best bangs for oval-shaped faces: Wispy bangs

Oval-wispy bangs
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"Oval face shapes have the most options when it comes to bangs," says Epperson. If you like the look of bangs that lay on your forehead, opt for long, wispy bangs that sit right above the brows. "This is a great face shape for side-sweeping or straight eyebrow skimming bangs," affirms Outen.

That said, whether you prefer choppy, wispy, arched, or side-swept fringe, the world of bangs is your oyster. Talk to your stylist to see what style will work best for you and your lifestyle, as each bang requires different styling and techniques.

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