Cool-toned blonde hair color is on-trend right now. Here's how to get (and maintain) the look. 

Woman with Ash Blond hair on couch
Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images

Blonde hair color trends tend to sway between golden blonde and ash blonde, and right now, the popular hair color is experiencing a cooling trend. Shades of blonde that lean more towards gray than golden are having a moment, and hair stylists are working hard to achieve a blond that doesn't contain a hint of brassiness. If you want to jump on the trend, find inspiration in the colors below, then chat with your stylist to see if that color is achievable on your hair. From there, take care of your carefully-dyed tresses with purple shampoo and other products designed to fight brassiness.

If you already have blonde hair but want to transition from honey-toned hues to a cooler shade, find inspiration in the transformation above by Samantha Cusick London. Swipe to see how one client went from golden ombre locks, to ash blonde tresses. Waves look particularly flattering with this hair color, as it shows off the complexity of the color.

For those with Cinderella-length tresses, get inspired by photographer Marieke Lubber's ash blonde look, courtesy of Ogé Exclusive. Visible roots used to be avoided at all costs, but here, it's part of the on-trend look. Good news, natural brunettes, that means this style doesn't require as frequent maintenance.

Add this cool and creamy blonde to your Pinterest board, stat! Fox and Jane Salon achieved a natural-looking blonde without a hint of brassiness.

If you're looking for an ash blonde that looks natural and healthy, bring in this look by Zoe Wiepert for inspiration. The pretty color contains just enough warmth to keep it from feeling too icy.

How gorgeous is this makeover, courtesy of Whistle Salon in New York City? This style proves that cool blonde hair and the lob haircut were made for each other.

If you want just a touch of cool blond highlights, check out the look above from Fox and Jane Salon. A mix of warmer and cooler highlights on a natural brunette provides a subtle touch of ash blonde without the effort and maintenance required of a complete transformation.

If you're not ready to go all the way blonde, follow hair color Zoe Wiepert's move above, and dye just the ends a cool blonde for a hip ombre effect.

Keep in mind that if your natural hair color is darker, the transition to ash blonde likely won't happen overnight. Here, a Redken stylist worked with a client for several months, gradually phasing her hair color into the cool, gray-tinged shade of blonde she was looking for. Talk to your stylist to see if ash blonde will work on your hair and what the process might look like to get there.

Nine months and five appointments later, this Redken client went from warm chestnut hair to an icy shade of blonde that's so cool it almost reflects subtle shades of blue.