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For those who deal with frizz and split ends, there seems to be no season that exacerbates these hair woes more than the wintertime. The dry air and cold temperatures often make hair frizzier and more prone to static than ever, and putting on all the creams and conditioners in an attempt to fight such problems can feel like more effort than usual on chilly days.

Luckily, Amazon shoppers have found an effortless solution to fight frizz and breakage, all while helping wet hair dry faster than ever: Aquis’ cult-favorite hair wrap. Part of Aquis’ coveted line of Rapid Dry products, the hair wrap is said to cut drying time in half—making it ideal for those cold winter nights when the last thing you want to do is sit around with wet strands.

The brand’s signature Aquitex technology works to draw water away from your hair quickly, allowing your hair to air dry without having to always use a blowdryer. And since the hair wrap reduces the amount of heat styling needed (which is known to cause damage), it helps prevent breakage and split ends that would inevitably come from blow-drying your hair every day. Aquis recommends not rubbing your strands when they’re bundled up in the hair wrap, and instead, just letting it work its magic.

Since the launch a few years ago, reviewers have been raving about Aquis’ magical line of Rapid Dry hair tools, and Amazon shoppers in particular gave the hair towel a 4.2-star rating. One reviewer called this product “indispensable”, while another said, “It really does leave my hair silky and much less frizzy than when I used my towels. It dries my hair a decent amount and itself dries very quickly.”

“Using this turban has definitely made styling my hair easier,” wrote another customer, who said that Aquis’ hair wrap exceeded her expectations. “It is comfortable enough to wear around the house for hours. When I take it off, even after 10-15 minutes, my hair is dry-damp and not as frizzy as after drying vigorously with a regular towel.”

With winter weather already making our hair more prone to breakage than ever, now’s the perfect time to save your strands with Aquis’ cult-favorite hair wrap. Fortunately, Amazon has this much-loved product for $10 less than its standard price, and many reviewers say they’ve already ordered multiple. Get yours now before they’re gone.

Aquis Rapid Dry Hair Turban

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